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Hurricanes like Michael may become the new normal 

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Hurricanes like Michael may become the new normal 
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It's not a secret that Scientists are concerned with the new trend of high-powered, rapidly intensifying hurricanes like Michael. These hurricanes, which use to appear once in a blue moon, are now threatening to become a regular cause of havoc in the U.S. How prepared are you? Get peace of mind right now and order your Komando Kit at BePrepared.com/Kim.

In 2017, America experienced the most expensive disaster year in its history. The hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria left taxpayers coughing out more than $250 billion in repairs. In Puerto Rico alone, Hurricane Maria claimed more than 3,000 lives! Last year’s hurricane season saw a record high of rapidly intensifying hurricanes -- more than there had ever been in the past 35 years or more. Be prepared for the unexpected with BePrepared.com.

Fast forward a year, in 2018 Hurricane Michael considered the third lowest of any storm to make a landfall anywhere in America, becomes the first Category 4 hurricane to hit the Florida panhandle.  According to CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca, reporting from Mexico Beach, entire cities along Florida’s panhandle have been destroyed beyond recognition.

Homes and businesses have only their foundations left to signify their previous existence. Trailers have not been spared either as they have been split open, tossed aside or both. The relentless surging waves have ended up carving up a coastline.

The Carolinas experienced the worst flooding in generations, with 18 North Carolina Rivers being at major flood stages. Sadly, the flooding has resulted in the deaths of dozens.

In Virginia, five people have been confirmed dead while 520,000 people have no power. 1,200 roads have been closed, and five suspected tornadoes have already touched down.

Early estimates put Hurricane Michael insured losses at more than $10 billion. While those of Hurricane Florence, which hit the Carolinas last month, stands at $5 billion.

These rapidly intensifying hurricanes can develop from a tropical storm to a high category hurricane within a couple of days. Such a short time limit makes it easy to be caught off guard, therefore causing such terrible devastation. Perhaps it’s now clear why Hurricane Michael was able to cause massive destruction. There was simply not enough advance warning for people to properly prepare and even evacuate where necessary.

But all is not lost; our sponsor BePrepared.com will help you get ready for the tornado season. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued a future warning about an increase in the intensity of future hurricanes globally due to the warming ocean waters and other factors. The hurricanes will also have higher rainfall rates than what the present day hurricanes produce. NOAA has further warned that through their hurricane model, in the 21st century the lifetime maximum intensity of Atlantic hurricanes is expected to increase by almost 5 percent.

Considering the havoc these hurricanes can cause, one of the safest routes is to prepare for them well in advance. It is better to be safe than sorry. So get peace of mind right now and order your Komando Kit at BePrepared.com/Kim. Get $50 off your purchase and  receive a special tech gift  for the Komando audience.

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