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3 things to help you save on your heating bill this winter

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3 things to help you save on your heating bill this winter
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Brr! It's getting cold out there, and you know what that means: with cooler temperatures, heating costs begin to soar. It can be pricey to keep your home as toasty as possible, especially if you have a large area to heat. Luckily, you can keep your home winter-ready with Boll & Branch - The World's Most Comfortable Sheets and Pillows. Receive $50 off plus free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee with promo code Kim!

With doors and windows, kids, and pets making it difficult to ensure you're always keeping the heat in, why waste the extra cash when you could snuggle up with a cuddly blanket, take a warm bath and soak in the benefits, or climb into a bed with the warmest sheets and comforters you could imagine?

Here's how you can get your home ready for winter with some of Boll & Branch's luxurious home products, all meant to help you cut heating costs as we head into winter.

Grab a snuggly Cable Knit or Herringbone Throw to stay warm when entertaining

If you spend quite a bit of time in the living room on the sofa, snuggled up with your significant other, or maybe just your pets, one of Boll & Branch's classic Cable Knit Throws or Herringbone Throws can make for a comfortable and easy way to keep the heat down and save some cash while remaining warm and toasty with your friends and loved ones. The blankets, made with 100% organic cotton, are cozy enough to drape around you and wrap up in so you don't have to worry about the room's temperature, which means a lot less having to worry about turning up the thermostat and more about what to watch on Netflix when you're settled in.

Wrap up in a luxurious bath sheet

Hot baths and steamy showers are the way to go when it's chilly outside. They'll give you an instant rush of heat that'll remain with you long after your "me time" concludes. Unfortunately, the worst part is when you have to leave the warm water. When you do that, don't run toward your thermostat to crank up the heat and alleviate your post-shower shivers. Just reach for one of Boll & Branch's luxurious bath sheets, which are way bigger than regular bath towels.

They're designed to be wrapped around your entire body with durable, organic cotton and plenty of real estate to make sure you're swaddled enough that the cool air won't bother you at all. Then you can make a run for your living room, where the blankets are, or your bedroom, where the soft, fluffy bed linens can be found. There's no need for extra heat if you can trap it all inside with these incredibly soft and comfortable towels, which should put those old beach towels you've repurposed to shame.

Laze around in bed with amazingly comfortable duvet inserts

The warmth doesn't have to stop in the living room or bathroom. If you're always cold when it's time to retire to the bedroom for a restful night's sleep, Boll & Branch can help with a line of special duvet inserts, meant to help make you toastier than a night spent by the fire. Each insert comes encased in organic cotton and is woven to keep the fill on the inside without resorting to chemicals.

The buttons keep everything in place so you can stay warm without, again, making the nightly trek to the thermostat to crank those numbers even higher. With or without a partner in bed at night, you'll remain swaddled, perfectly comfortable, and dreaming sweet dreams of all the cheaper electric bills you'll see when it's time to pay up.

Looking to spend less on your heating bills now that the winter chill is about to set in? Make sure you head over to Boll & Branch to receive $50 off plus free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee with promo code Kim!

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