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Ty Pennington takes on small business in new show

Deluxe Corporation
Presented by Main Street Revolution
Ty Pennington takes on small business in new show
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Renovation shows on TV really took off with "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" over a decade ago. What's more iconic than Ty Pennington standing on a ladder with a megaphone yelling "Move that bus!" for the big reveal?

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" has ended, but that doesn't mean Ty hasn't stopped helping people out - and how he has his sights set on a bigger goal, with the help of Deluxe Corporation.

Deluxe Corporation is leading the Small Business Revolution. Tap or click here to find out more!

Ty has renovated rooms and he's built houses in a week, but he's never taken on an entire Main Street. Ty is joining marketing expert and co-host Amanda Brinkman to help makeover the town of Alton, Illinois, in the third season of "Small Business Revolution - Main Street."

Each season, Deluxe Corporation invests half a million dollars to help revitalize one small town. For six lucky businesses, it's the opportunity of a lifetime; they get a total makeover - from marketing and operations to physical improvements. Alton is the team's biggest challenge to date - a community three times the size of the previous two towns, with multiple downtowns challenging the community's unity and stretching the team's budget like never before.

6 businesses. 6 dramatic makeovers

More than 230 small businesses applied to be on the show. Through a rigorous process and personal interviews, the final six businesses were selected. Before the makeover could begin, Ty and Amanda surprised each business with the news -- with a camera crew in tow.

  • Morrison's Irish Pub - open for three years, this burgeoning hotspot draws huge crowds on the weekends but struggles with lunch and weekday crowds.
  • Today's Beauty Supply - with a new competitor opening, they need marketing expertise to compete and this business is vital to the community they serve.
  • Shampooches - a one-woman pet grooming salon, this shop has the passion, but not the business savvy to survive.
  • Lovett's Soul Food - A mother-son owned restaurant with southern favorites like fried chicken, catfish and snoots, but their loyal following isn't enough to keep them afloat.
  • Bluff City Outdoors - one of the few bait and tackle shops in the region, this local icon needs help to compete against big box and online retailers.
  • Lighthouse Sounds - two young entrepreneurs have opened their dream music studio, but expansion and business plans have them in need of direction.

Reigniting a community

Each one of these businesses represents a portion of Alton. By investing in its small businesses, the Small Business Revolution hopes to help revitalize and unite Alton, a town that looks like the rest of the country: it is diverse and spread out, rich with history and burdened by conflicts long left unresolved, and those stories shine through in the series. 

Ty jumps into season three full-tilt with his renovation experience and his natural exuberance to help bring a spotlight to Alton. Amanda and the Deluxe team, along with a powerhouse cast of female business experts, face new challenges and raised stakes head-on, committed to helping these businesses and the entire town of Alton.

Season 3 is streaming now on Hulu and YouTube.

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