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5 ways to improve couples' bedtime routine

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5 ways to improve couples' bedtime routine
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When you meet the love of your life, your first question to them is unlikely going to be "Do you snore?" or "Do you hog blankets in your sleep?" But when you share a home and bed with someone long term, these questions are going to be answered for you on a nightly basis.

It's important to learn how to create the best environment for you and your partner before bed so you can sleep well together, and getting the best sheets from our sponsor Boll & Branch is a good start.

Alas, the quality of your sheets won't keep your partner from stealing them in the night, nor will it prevent you from having arguments throughout the day about pick up times and grocery lists. But much like great, cozy sheets lay the foundation for a good night's sleep, there are habits you and your partner can get into that can make sleeping together much better.

These habits, sadly, don't keep your partner's nasal passages (or your own) clear every night, but they will set you up to fall asleep comfortable with one another -- as comfortable as your Boll & Branch bed sheets. Check out these five ways to improve your bedtime routine with your other half, and snuggle up in Boll & Branch's super soft bedding today, and get $50 off plus free shipping with promo code Kim!

1. Get on the same schedule

For not only better sleep, but also better intimacy, it's good for couples to go to bed at the same time. After being apart for much of the day, and having other things to worry about, going to bed together resets a couple to focus on each other, and lets them bond a little before falling asleep. Plus, if everyone falls asleep at the same time, no one is waking anyone else up when they come to bed later.

Now, of course, sometimes work schedules don't allow for this, and within couples, one person might just seriously be a night owl while the other is only remotely conscious in the morning. Luckily, you don't have to fall asleep at the same time to get these bonding benefits. Just try to line up one part of you and your partner's bedtime routines so you're doing them together, like brushing teeth, or putting on pajamas. You'll still have a moment to bond and reconnect before sleep, and so long as everyone sleeps well with someone coming to bed later, you should have a great night's rest. And hey, if someone coming to bed later is a problem for you, perhaps try getting Boll & Branch sheets to fall asleep better and faster, so you're less likely to wake up when the other person finally comes to bed!

2. Put devices away

We already know people sleep better when they put their phones, computers, and tablets away before bed. According to a few studies, the artificial light messes with your sleep cycles and stops your body from producing melatonin, the sleep hormone, so the closer to bedtime you look at an electronic device, even a back-lit e-reader, the more likely you are to have difficulty sleeping, or just less restful sleep. Even soft sheets from Boll & Branch can only do so much to help.

Putting your devices away before bed has benefits for your relationship as well as your physical ability to sleep. When you put your devices away, you get a chance to talk to your partner, the person next to you, rather than people in other parts of the world. Having that moment in the day to connect, as we said with getting on the same schedule, does wonders for your relationship, especially if can have that moment uninterrupted by the internet.

3. Avoid bedtime arguments

There's a reason your grandparents and parents told you "never go to bed angry" -- it makes it difficult to sleep! Venting isn't a very relaxing activity as it is, and if it leads to an argument with your partner, sleep might take a while to reach both of you, making the next day a bit harder to get through on top of having a conflict to resolve.

As we've established, bedtime is a rare moment alone for most couples, and if it's the only time you get to see your partner one-on-one, it can be understandable to use it as a time to air grievances, or address a prickly issue. But doing so right as you're getting ready to sleep isn't the best time, particularly if one or more of you is tired, and therefore can't articulate themselves well.

Instead, save your difficult discussions for the morning, when everyone is awake and more able to engage. At bedtime, let your luxurious Boll & Branch sheets relax you, and cradle you to sleep. You may find you get clarity on what's upsetting you while you're sleeping, and will be able to talk about it with more clarity and understanding the next day.

4. Have heart-to-heart conversations and express gratefulness

When you need help avoiding contentious topics before bed, it can be helpful to have a built in routine of having a heart-to-heart conversation before you drift off to sleep in your smooth, affordable Boll & Branch sheets. It's important to pay attention to your partner's feelings after all, and knowing for sure when they're having a rough time, or when they're doing really well, can help you be more supportive of them.

A heart-to-heart conversation is different from a vent because it's a chance to share your positive feelings with your partner, rather than your negative ones. It's a chance to express gratefulness to your partner every night by thanking them for doing a chore, or for being supportive in a difficult moment. It's a chance to end your day on a high note by thinking of how your partner helped you, and telling them about it. Everyone goes to sleep then feeling good.

There will of course be days where it's difficult to see a positive side to anything that happened, or days when you're frustrated with your partner and have trouble finding something to be grateful for. But taking the time each night to think about something you're grateful for, to seek the positive moments and give them time to shine over the bad ones, will help you be happy and sleep better, and will do the same for your partner, deepening and strengthening your relationship.

5. Make time for a goodnight kiss

Hugging and kissing makes us feel good, and it actually helps us live longer. Stretch out your lifetime with your partner by making sure you kiss and cuddle for a bit before you go to sleep. You don't need to sleep while cuddling -- let's be honest, that'd be way too hot, and who sleeps without moving around -- but touching each other, being together before bed in a loving way will help you and your partner feel loved and happy before bed, which only helps your sleep.

The goal of sharing a bed is to be comfortable and happy. Kissing, talking positively, avoiding contentious topics, putting devices away, and syncing up schedules are all great ways to be happy before sleep, and comfortable with your partner. Be comfortable in bed as well by getting Boll & Branch sheets, the cozy cotton super soft bedding you can get for $50 off plus free shipping with promo code Kim. Plus, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. So start on these pre-bedtime habits with your partner, and invest in great sheets for great sleep for the both of you today!

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