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Upgrade your mattress, upgrade your life

Casper Sleep
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The Best Bed for Better Sleep
Upgrade your mattress, upgrade your life
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Sleep is important, but just how important can be surprising even if you're getting your beauty sleep every night. One bad night of sleep can mess up your metabolism. A lifetime of poor sleep can raise your risk of heart disease almost as much as smoking. For kids, getting enough sleep is critical to their physical and mental development. The right amount of sleep can aid memory, productivity, and cognitive skills. Start getting better sleep today! Go to casper.com and use promo code Kim to receive $50 towards the purchase of select mattresses.

Everyone needs a good night's sleep, but we're still buying our beds the way we'd buy a couch. You drive to the department store and look at a bunch of identical mattresses, then lay there and try and figure out if one of them feels right. You don't sleep fully clothed in a department store under fluorescent lights with a weird guy staring at you (I hope!), so why is that the only way to buy a mattress?

And then there's the hassle of buying one, getting it delivered and set up, and finding out it's not the right mattress. You can't exactly lug a California King down to the car and take it to the return desk like a bad sweater.

Casper is a company that wants to give us all a better night's sleep and change the way we buy mattresses. They offer better materials, better pricing, and a better way to buy.

The Casper difference: materials matter

Many of the mattresses we can get today use a design that dates to the early 1900s. The world has changed a little bit since the debut of the innerspring mattress, but still we sleep like our grandparents did. Casper's mattresses use a combination of premium foams rather than the classic foam and stuffing design. This mix lets them provide support where it's needed and target those spots that may need a little extra padding.

Back bothering you? Lots of people have aches and pains from sleeping on a low-quality mattress. Some of Casper's designs have support targeting over 30 pressure points to help you sleep and feel better. The Casper Wave is also endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association to help with that achin' back.

Every Casper mattress has layers of foam designed to provide support and comfort, of course, but they also provide breathability. Letting air flow through the mattress keeps you cool and dry during the night, which means you sleep better.

The Casper difference: the buying experience matters

The only thing worse than your old mattress is having to buy a new one. What if you could test out your mattress in a way that made sense? Instead of going to one of those shady mattress stores in a strip mall, you could put it in the bedroom, sleep in your pajamas, and even have the cats arrange themselves in their usual spots.

casper mattress

Casper is willing to let you try out any of their mattresses for 100 nights -- over 3 months! -- with no commitment. You can make sure it delivers on its promises or you can return it, and that doesn't mean bugging your cousin with the truck to help you bring it back to the store. Casper will come pick it up for free and give you a full refund of the purchase price.

Speaking of the purchase price, let's talk about pricing. Casper's mattresses provide premium quality for hundreds or even thousands of dollars less than you'd pay for a mattress at a big box store. You get a better mattress that's designed and assembled right here in the U.S. for less than half of what you'd pay from The Big Weird Mattress Company.

Start getting better sleep today! Go to casper.com and use promo code Kim to receive $50 towards the purchase of select mattresses.

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