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Finally breathe well with nanotech that destroys pollutants!

Presented by Molekule
The only air purifier that actually destroys pollutants
Finally breathe well with nanotech that destroys pollutants!

You are not alone if you're one of the millions of people struggling to breathe. You may suffer from asthma or allergies that prevent you from breathing well, or have a family member who suffers similar symptoms. Get $75 off your first order with Molekule when you use promo code Kim at checkout!

Your trouble breathing can drain your energy and make it difficult to get a good night's sleep. You may have been suffering for years.

But, good news, there is finally a new technology that can dramatically improve your breathing. You will have more energy throughout the day and, at long last, get a deep, full night of sleep.

Our sponsor Molekule uses an EPA-backed technology that's been thoroughly tested by third-party laboratories like University of Minnesota Particle Calibration Laboratory. They've proven that Molekule's breakthrough nanotechnology eradicates harmful pollutants inside your home and office that can damage your health.

A groundbreaking solution for asthma and allergy sufferers

You've probably had a few loud, clunky and not-very-pretty air filters buzzing inside your house for years, maybe even decades. Of course, you know that they do little to ease your suffering if you have asthma, allergies or you don't know what's causing your breathing problem.

Molekule uses a brand new nanotechnology that is far superior to the HEPA air filters that were developed in the 1940s, with very little advancement since then. Just think about using your home phone from the 1940s today -- that's unimaginable, and so is using air filters invented around the time of World War II.

Molekule's Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) was developed over the past 20 years. PECO's breakthrough is that it doesn't collect harmful pollutants on a filter that just sit there. Instead, PECO destroys the harmful molds, bacteria, allergens and viruses that cause or worsen allergies, asthma and a host of other health problems.

It was developed by Dr. Goswami, the Director of the University of South Florida's Clean Energy Research Center. He was motivated to develop a solution for his own son's breathing problems.

PECO destroys pollutants that are up to 1000 times smaller than those that traditional HEPA filters capture. These pollutants include carcinogens and other harmful, microscopic particles like volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Molekule is far better than an air filter

Do you know that 80 percent of people live in cities where pollution levels are far higher than recommended by the World Health Organization? Worse, have you heard that indoor air can be five times worse than the polluted air outside?

Molekule Air Purifier destroys harmful contaminants in the air. That's radically better than traditional, old-fashioned HEPA filters.

Those filters simply collect pollutants that are comparatively large at 0.3 microns or bigger. Meaning, those dangerous bacteria, viruses, molds and chemicals simply stay inside your home, but Molekule's PECO technology eliminates them.

EPA-backed technology that's third-party tested

Our sponsor Molekule's technology was funded by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA, of course, is tasked with protecting you from harmful chemicals in the environment.

Molekule's nanotechnology, which has been developed over the past two decades, has been tested by third parties to prove its effectiveness. Those third parties include the University of South Florida Center for Biological Defense.

Beautiful design to enhance your home

Some people call the Molekule Air Purifier "the Apple of air purifiers." Why?

That's simple. Take a look at its beautiful design, which enhances the design of your home or office.

Its shell is made from aluminum. It is slim, shiny and does more than blend in -- it beautifies.

Molekule's technology and design may explain the accolades it's been receiving. It was named one of the 10 Greatest Home Innovations by Popular Science magazine, one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2017 by Time Magazine and the silver award winner of Edison Award's Best New Product 2017.

Better breathing delivered to your door

Your family will love the convenience of Molekule's home delivery option. You simply sign up for an annual subscription for $129.

Your replacement filters are delivered to your front door when you need them.  The best part is the first year is free -- you can even get $75 off your first order when you use promo code Kim at checkout!

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