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The 5 best Labor Day burgers

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The 5 best Labor Day burgers

Are you all set for your Labor Day celebrations?

It is also the time when families come together to spend precious moments with each other. As with many of our national holidays, this often means cooking and sharing a meal.

One of the most enduring Labor Day traditions is the good old barbecue cookout.

With themes of red, white and blue, many American families choose to serve all-American meal favorites and cook outside on the grill.

And of course, classic hamburgers are mainstays on the Labor Day menu. Our sponsor HelloFresh has some brilliant burger recipes that take an inventive and fun spin on an American classic.

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Check out these burger ideas from HelloFresh that will elevate your grilling experience and give your family food to bond over as we observe Labor Day together.

1. Cheddar Smash

Gourmet burgers in 20 minutes? Fast and fresh are two hallmarks of HelloFresh recipes and the Cheddar Smash burger is no exception.

This take on the time-honored cheeseburger adds the savory kick of chipotle ketchup to a classic beef patty. The idea is to flatten the patty to create a crisp, deeply browned burger. Top it with melting cheddar for a delightful combination.

This one is easy to make on the stove top if the weather isn’t cooperating or if you don’t have access to an outdoor grill.

2. Juicy Lucy

HelloFresh has Hall 0f Fame recipes filled with customer favorites. The top-rated Juicy Lucy burger is one of these honored recipes for a good reason.

This clever burger looks normal on the outside but hides a delicious secret inside: a center of melted cheddar cheese.

A topping of homemade onion jam adds the perfect gourmet note to turn this aria into an opera.

This is the sort of burger people pay big money for in restaurants, but you can make it at home with a HelloFresh kit delivered right to your door. It will turn your Labor Day grilling session into a legendary meal.

3. Meatloaf

Two American classics come together in HelloFresh’s delightful meatloaf burger.

This recipe calls for some baking time, making it a perfect option for grill-less home chefs. HelloFresh’s special meatloaf mix of spices brings all the traditional flavor of your favorite comfort food to the convenience of a bun.

A topping of barbecue sauce brings a taste of summer to the dish, making a perfect complement to your favorite Labor Day sides.

Serve it up with potato salad, chips, corn on the cob, or coleslaw for a full family meal.

4. Black Bean

Vegetarians can also hitch a ride on the flavorful burger bandwagon this Labor Day with HelloFresh’s take on the popular black bean burger.

Corn, jalapeno peppers, and a lively southwestern spice blend really bring wonderful flavor to these healthy burgers.

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5. Pork Luau

Looking for something a little different? HelloFresh's Pork Luau burger is for you.

Get ready to revel in pineapple relish on a pork patty seasoned with cilantro, garlic, soy sauce and honey.

Yes, honey! It’s a wowing mix of sweet and savory that will make you want to wear a lei around your neck.


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