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Digitize your memories now...before it's too late

Presented by Legacybox
Forever. Made Simple.
Digitize your memories now...before it's too late

As rare as it may be for you to dig that box of precious memories out of the attic, there's a comfort in knowing that they are still there. When your little ones (or their little ones) come to you asking about a relative or moments from your youth, you can share with them these memories that you hold dear to your heart. Digitizing your analog media ensures that those memories are ready when you need them and, right now, Legacybox is offering 40% off your first Legacybox when you visit Legacybox.com/Kim.

Digitizing isn't just about accessibility -- it's about protection. When disaster strikes, those once analog memories can be safely stored in the cloud, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind. Not to mention, you won't even need to go near the attic to retrieve them.

Fires, floods, natural disasters and a variety of potentially damaging environments can destroy old home movies or photo albums. Legacybox provides a simple and inexpensive way to make sure you're never a victim of lost memories.

What can you digitize?

You'd be hard pressed to find a type of analog media that Legacybox can't digitize. With the ability to transform a wide variety of tapes, photos, reels, and audio to digital files, you'll be armed with the security your family needs, even in the most disastrous scenarios.

How does it work?

Legacybox takes the hassle out of digitizing. Just select the size box you need and they'll send it right to your door along with instructions, barcodes for tracking each precious memory along the way, and a prepaid shipping label.

When your Legacybox is packed up and ready to go, just send it on its way to their production campus right here in the U.S. You'll receive updates throughout the process and, when your digitization is complete, your new digital memories will be sent to you via thumb drive, the cloud, or DVD, along with your original analog copies.

Why Legacybox?

Legacybox is the largest and most trusted digitizing company in the world. Over 450,000 families across America have trusted Legacybox with their memories and, with more than a decade of experience, you can rest assured that your analog media is in good hands.

Using the latest digitizing equipment, the Legacybox team of nearly 200 passionate memory preservers digitize memories by hand to ensure the best quality results. They'll send you personalized updates and you'll always have access to track your order and, unlike many alternative digitization options, your media never leaves the United States.

Why now?

Disaster can strike at any time, but fires and floods are not the most common culprits of destroyed memories. Poor storage conditions can result in mold attacks, damages caused by pets or vermin, weather and extreme temperatures or accidental tears or rips. Even when stored perfectly, analog media still has a shelf life to consider.

VHS tapes are expected to last ten to twenty-five years, while cassette tapes have a shelf life of approximately ten to thirty years. Exposed film can last twenty-five to thirty years and CDs and DVDs offer a massive range of twenty to two hundred years. But here's the thing -- even if these memories last, how are we going to view them? Not many people own a VHS or cassette player these days and it's likely that CD and DVD players are already on their way out of fashion.

Don't wait

You can't control the weather. Accidents happen. Natural wear and tear are unavoidable, regardless of how well you pack up your most treasured moments. Don't let this happen to you. Digitize your precious memories today and get 40% off your first Legacybox when you visit Legacybox.com/Kim

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