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Introducing Special Edition (RED) Electric Toothbrush!

Introducing Special Edition (RED) Electric Toothbrush!

The quip electric toothbrush just got better! With the introduction of the new Special Edition (RED) electric toothbrush, you can now keep your smile healthy and contribute to the fight against AIDS.

When you purchase the Special Edition (RED) electric toothbrush, quip will donate 15% of the proceeds to support Global funding programs that deliver HIV testing and prevention, treatment, and counseling and care services.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of owning one of these beautifully designed, and extremely effective toothbrushes, you can pick one up and get a free $10 refill credit when you visit getquip.com/kim. These American Dental Association approved (ADA seal) electric toothbrushes are just what the doctor (or dentist) ordered!

Why quip?

The quip electric toothbrush is the result of designers and dentists working together to create an aesthetically pleasing toothbrush that truly meets the dental hygiene standards of dentists. It was built with the intention of making the seemingly mundane task of brushing your teeth more efficient and pleasant while providing a sleek design that doesn't clutter up your bathroom counter.

With a two-minute timer broken up into four 30-second segments, it’s easy to tackle each quadrant of your mouth and never miss a spot. And when you’re done, the wireless toothbrush's included holder sticks (and re-sticks) to any hard surface making storage simple wherever you go. Just make sure you leave it out in the open so you can wait for your next house guest to ask you where you got that snazzy looking toothbrush!

The simplest solution

Aside from the innovative design and dentist approved technology, quip has made it easier than ever to stay on top of your dental hygiene. Just order your starter kit and you'll receive everything you need to start brushing! If you opt for the refill subscription, you'll get refills sent straight to your door every three months along with a new battery to replace the old one (which, conveniently, is meant to last approximately three months).

If you really want to simplify the process, you can even include an anti-cavity toothpaste along with your refills. Brushing your teeth has never been easier and, what's even more, shipping is forever free. They really thought of it all with quip, keeping you and your family healthy, and your dentist happy, with minimal effort.

Why (RED)?

Using a quip electric toothbrush simplifies your morning routine, and quip’s aim with the introduction of the Special Edition (RED) electric toothbrush is to make donating to the fight against AIDS just as simple. When quip donates 15% of your purchase toward the cause, you can rest assured that 100% of the funds generated will go directly to programs on the ground. No overhead is taken from the donations and (RED) is a well-respected nonprofit organization with some big names behind it.

Founded in 2006, (RED) has generated over $500 million toward the global fund to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. Popular brands like Apple, Amazon, Beats by Dre and Starbucks have all featured (RED)-branded products and services to contribute to the cause and quip can now be added to that list of proud supporters.

Every two minutes, a teen is infected with HIV. That's the same amount of time dentists recommend we brush our teeth twice a day. More than 110 million people have been able to take advantage of the benefits provided by the Global Fund grants that (RED) supports. Now you can make a dental purchase that makes a difference in the world and your smile.

If you’re considering trying out quip, why not go (RED)?  Grab this amazing toothbrush today! And get a free $10 refill credit automatically applied by visiting getquip.com/kim.

Did you brush your teeth today? What if we told you you’re probably doing it wrong? In this Starting Line podcast, we talk to Simon Enever, Founder and CEO of quip toothbrush, who had a vision to invent the perfect toothbrush.

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