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Don't let your old family memories fade away

Don't let your old family memories fade away

Over the last few decades, you’ve likely gathered a fair amount of analog memories. From physical photos to VHS recordings, past years have been recorded in a variety of outdated methods.

As you move from place to place or attempt to declutter every now and then, these memories are relocated, repacked, or reorganized. You wouldn’t dream of tossing them out, but keeping them doesn’t seem to do much good either. Luckily, there’s a way to keep your precious memories safe and accessible by digitizing them with Legacybox. The best part? Legacybox is offering my listeners 40% off at Legacybox.com/KIM.

Keeping your memories safe

Your boxed-up library of VHS tapes, or Hi8, even miniDV, may seem to be comfortably resting up in your attic, or the garage, out of sight and out of mind. But, if they're continually exposed to extreme temperatures, their already limited shelf life will sharply decline.

Without converting those VHS tapes to digital, the information on them will soon be lost forever: the toddler self-haircuts, the home run swings, the pillow fights, and all the princess parties, vacations, graduations, and celebrations. The tape inside those cartridges already began breaking down at the 15-year mark.

Your family history is deteriorating as we speak -- but chances are you can get all or most of that forever back by transferring those memories to digital with Legacybox. No matter how well you preserve an analog format, your stored memories will begin to deteriorate in a few short years. On the other hand, a digital file today will be identical to a digital file 100 years from now.

Bringing the past to life

Aside from the desire to preserve your memories, digitizing ensures that those memories can easily be shared with your friends and family, as well as future generations. Instead of dusting off an old box and trying to sort through decades of media, you can share your family’s memories with others by quickly popping in a flash drive or a DVD.

Want to share your old family photos or videos on Facebook? With digital copies, it will be just as simple as posting your most recent family vacation photos. Looking for an excuse to get the family together? Invite them all over to watch a DVD full of memories! It's sure to be a hit.

Let the pros take the reins

Sure, you’ll have to dig that heavy box out of the garage or attic, but beyond that point, Legacybox makes digitizing a breeze. Just pop on over to Legacybox.com/KIM and select the size box you need.

When your Legacybox arrives, simply fill it up with your old photos, tapes, and audio recordings and use the included pre-paid shipping label to send it to their production campus right here in the United States, where each delicate memory will be carefully converted by hand. With over a decade of experience, you can trust that Legacybox will treat your memories as if they were their own.

As the Legacybox team makes progress on your order, you’ll receive continuous updates and, when everything is complete, you’ll receive your original memories back along with your new digital copies. Permanently store your old analog copies to free up some space, or take them to an e-waste recycler now that they are no longer needed.

Over 400,000 families have used Legacybox to preserve, relive, and share their families memories. If your family's memories are still on old VHS tapes and photos, DON'T WAIT, get them transferred TODAY by visiting Legacybox.com/KIM and receive 40% off your purchase!

The best file formats for digitizing your photos and old VHS tapes

As technology evolves it is becoming harder to relive your analog memories in a digital world. You'd be hard-pressed to find a VHS or cassette player these days and storing old photos in physical photo albums is quickly going by the wayside. When we do finally open up that dusty old box, we often find that we no longer have the outdated technology needed to view the media stored inside.

Tap or click here to find out more about the best file formats for your old media.

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