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5 worthy reasons to digitize your family's memories and be a hero

5 worthy reasons to digitize your family's memories and be a hero

Technology is evolving faster than most of us can keep up with. Just when the price of that TV with the best screen resolution comes down low enough for the average consumer to upgrade, a new and drastically better one comes out.

Over the last couple of decades, the ways that we capture our family memories have changed dramatically. It doesn't seem like that long ago that we were recording family outings with a camcorder or taking film rolls in to be developed (and always ordering "doubles").

Now we use smartphones and upload digital images directly to the "cloud," rendering VHS players and traditional photo albums somewhat useless.

Most of us have boxes full of family memories on VHS tapes, photos, even 8mm and 16mm film collecting dust somewhere out of sight. Without a doubt, Legacybox is the best way to digitize all those special memories, especially since Legacybox is offering Kim's listeners 40% off at Legacybox.com/KIM.

But why should you digitize at all? Here are five compelling reasons that will secure your status as the "Family Hero" when you use Legacybox to digitize your family's memories.

1. Worry-free storage

When disaster strikes, you'll never need to worry if your precious memories are safe and secure. Legacybox's digital downloads ensure that you can keep copies of them on any device and rest assured that they are stored safely in the cloud.

2. Declutter

Digitizing your old tapes and photos means that you can finally clear out those dusty old boxes. You can take your old copies to an e-waste recycler and declutter your home. Or find a more permanent storage place now that you don't feel the need to keep your hard copies easily accessible for the rare occasion when you find the energy to dig them out.

3. Send & share

Ever see someone share a photo from the 1950s on Facebook, or post a video of their hilarious and dated childhood moment? With digital copies, it's as easy to post your old memories as it is to share your photos from your fun night out last week.

4. Pass the torch

If it's hard for us to find a way to play those old VHS tapes these days, imagine how challenging it will be for future generations! It's like asking a millennial to play an 8-track. Transferring your old memories to digital formats will ensure that the next generation can peer into the past without even having to know what VHS means!

5. Host a watch party!

One surefire way to be the "family hero" is to help bring the generations together through past memories. Gather around and enjoy reliving past moments and bond through laughter and sentiment. Some family members may even get to see and hear some of their relatives for the first time!

Ready to digitize?

Legacybox takes all the legwork out of digitizing your memories. Just fill up your Legacybox with your old tapes, films, photos or audio, slap on your pre-paid shipping label and send it off! Your analog media will be carefully converted by hand, in their production campus right here in the U.S.

Along the way you'll receive regular email updates and, when complete, you'll receive your original memories back along with your new digitized copies. With over a decade of experience and a 30-day guarantee, you can rest assured that your treasured memories will be treated with the utmost care.

Over 400,000 families have used Legacybox to preserve, relive, and share their families memories. If your family's memories are still on old VHS tapes and photos, DON'T WAIT, get them transferred TODAY by visiting Legacybox.com/KIM and receive 40% off your purchase!

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