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The toothbrush every home should have

Presented by quip - The NEW electric toothbrush!
Perfect Oral Care. Delivered
The toothbrush every home should have

Think about the last time you walked down the toothbrush aisle at the store. You probably saw an array of gaudy colors and advertising screaming out at you. You found old-fashioned toothbrushes and bulky electric toothbrushes that you wouldn't want to leave sitting out on your bathroom counter. Fortunately, there's a better way to brush and it's called quipGet your first refill pack from our sponsor quip for free!

Our sponsor quip has created a smarter electric toothbrush. It is a melding of beauty and functionality, a toothbrush fit for modern times. Dentists and designers worked together to envision and then build the perfect brush and it will transform your daily routine.

Now is the time to move beyond your old toothbrush and revitalize your smile. It's time to get quip, and here's why.

Smart technology

When it comes to caring for your teeth, you don't need gimmicks, you need a toothbrush that works. quip addresses two of the common pitfalls of brushing: brushing too hard and not brushing long enough. quip uses soft, round-tip bristles as recommended by dental professionals. There's no second guessing the mode, either. quip has one mode that gets the job done effectively and in a gentle manner that will leave your mouth feeling refreshed.

Timing is everything, but you don't need to break out a stopwatch when you have a quip toothbrush. quip has its own two-minute timer. Every 30 seconds, vibrations remind you to move to the next quadrant in your mouth. It's easy to build good dental habits when quip is your guide.

This is why everyone is switching to the quip "smart" toothbrush.

Smart design

quip is a toothbrush you can admire. It's sleek and elegant, not cartoony. quip comes in your choice of plastic or metal handles in colors ranging from silver to copper to blue. Choose the one that fits your personal design sense or matches your decor.

Each quip comes with a travel cover mount so you can take it with you when you need to hit the road. Use the suction strip to attach the cover to a glossy surface, like a mirror or tile, and keep it in easy reach.

Now let's talk about charging. There's no tether with quip. You don't have to leave it on a charging stand. quip runs on a AAA battery that you can remove and replace, freeing you from bulky charging gear. It works with either standard batteries or rechargeables. quip is built to give you a long battery life, so you can expect to change the battery just four times per year.

Upkeep made easy

You don't have to mark your calendar or try to remember the last time you changed your brush head. With quip's subscription feature, you automatically get new brush heads delivered every three months for as low as $5. You can also opt to include quip's anti-cavity mint toothpaste with your subscription, so you never run out of toothpaste.

Got a family? You can can get quip for everyone and set your subscription to deliver supplies to cover all the people in your household. It's easy to keep your toothbrush clean and fresh when quip handles the refills for you.

Good dental care doesn't have to be a chore. Get a quip electric toothbrush and discover just how easy it is to improve your brushing habits.

Start brushing better today with the stylish quip electric toothbrush: Click here and get your first refill pack free with your paid subscription!

It’s time to change your toothbrush!

How long has it been since you got a new toothbrush? Don’t just replace your old brush, upgrade to quip instead.

Click here to learn why you need to change your toothbrush right now.

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