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Allergy-proof your bedroom with these amazing linens

Allergy-proof your bedroom with these amazing linens

Allergies can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to sniffle-causing culprits that may be lurking in your bedroom. Allergy sufferers know the range of symptoms you can feel, from a stuffy nose to sneezing to itching to watery eyes.

Allergies can have many sources, but you can at least make sure your sheets aren’t contributing to the problem. Our sponsor Boll & Branch offers bed linens created from organic cotton. You get soft, durable, and beautiful sheets made without harsh chemicals.

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Are you ready to rest easier? Try out these tips for allergy-proofing your bedroom and gifting yourself a better night’s sleep.

Invest in better bedding

Take pride in the sheets, pillow, and duvets you put on your bed and don’t settle for anything less than soft, chemical-free organic cotton. Boll & Branch linens come from cotton that is grown without pesticides and they are colored with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified dyes. The result is sheets that are soft and gentle on your skin.

Keep to a regular schedule when it comes to washing your bedding. Boll & Branch recommends washing cotton sheets in colors like navy or stone in cold water while white, natural, and ivory sheets can be washed in warm water. Tumble dry on medium and your sheets will be ready to welcome you to a relaxing slumber.

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Start a dusting routine

Dust around your bedroom with a damp cloth on a regular basis, even as often as every couple days during allergy season. A dry duster can just spread the allergens around, but a damp cloth can actually pick them up off of surfaces.

This can also be a great excuse to declutter your bedroom. Knick-knacks and other small objects are great at attracting and holding dust. Open surfaces free from clutter are much faster and easier to clean.

Accessorize with washable decor

Rugs and window coverings can gather dust and allergens, but an easy way to manage this is to use decor items that can be washed. Look for washable rugs and curtains so you can easily freshen up your space and keep down any allergens that may be hiding out.

Set some rules for your pets

Pet hair and dander can be a trigger for some people’s allergies. Pet fluff is not something you want to be inhaling while you sleep, so set some pet rules. At a minimum, you could enforce a no-pets-on-the-bed rule. If that’s hard to manage, then consider keeping the bedroom door closed. You can still lavish plenty of love on your pooch or cat outside the bedroom.

Close your windows

Pollen and other allergens can come floating into your bedroom through open windows. It may be tempting to leave them wide open to enjoy the fresh air, but not if the result is a sneezing attack. If you’re a spring allergies sufferer, then keep them closed during the sniffling season.

Keep your floors clean

It’s time to get better acquainted with your vacuum. Keep the allergens at bay by cleaning your floors. Wood floors and other hard surfaces are probably the easiest to keep clean, but you can clear out a lot of gathered dust by giving your carpets a good vacuuming and washing any rugs you might have. Make it a part of your weekly routine and look into hiring or renting a carpet shampooer for an extra-deep clean when needed.

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