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Legitimate positions that pay you to work from home!

Legitimate positions that pay you to work from home!
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Everyone looks for something different in a job. For some it's about finding a role they are passionate about, while for others money is the driving factor.

For most maybe it's a combination of the two. Yet some people will point to a job's location as being important, as no one really wants to have to drive all that far and deal with traffic just to get to work and back.

For people in that group, working from home is the dream. There are plenty of jobs that will allow one to do that -- our sponsor FlexJobs can help you find one -- but one of the more intriguing roles is that of a virtual assistant.

What is a virtual assistant?

You are probably wondering what that role entails, and it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Virtual assistants provide the same services a standard assistant would -- clerical and administrative work -- only from a remote setting.

That could mean the job is done from anywhere, including home. Among other freedoms it could lead to are the ability to work at whatever time one wants as well as at a pace they are comfortable with.

Generally, virtual assistants are freelancers, which also gives them considerable power over what they do and when they do it. Even though you will be working for someone or a business you are still essentially your own boss, which provides the ability to easily negotiate project needs and other matters.

On average, virtual assistant jobs pay about $16 an hour, though top earners are known to reach nearly $30 an hour. Not bad for a gig that provides you with a flexible lifestyle that doesn't require you to leave home, right?

Sounds perfect! So how do I get a VA job?

If you read all that and feel like being a virtual assistant is the perfect work-from-home job, then you will want to check out FlexJobs.com to help you find the right one. While there are plenty of sites out there who say they will help you find a gig, FlexJobs focuses only on remote work.

Not only that, but the jobs you will find are hand-screened so that whatever is posted, you'll know it is a real company and not any kind of scam. So whether it is a part-time job, freelance or even full-time contract work -- or some other type or combination -- you will know the listing can be trusted.

Save when you sign up!

Easy to join, FlexJobs will provide you with a curated list of flexible job opportunities, detailed research on companies, helpful customer service and more. Oh, and you can save some money when you sign up.

Just tap or click here to find the perfect work from home job and get up to 30% off with coupon code KIM today!

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