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Are you hiring? Find qualified candidates like I do

Are you hiring? Find qualified candidates like I do

You've got a business to run and keeping it profitable for your employees and you is no easy task. You work hard to ensure that your company is always on the forefront of new financial opportunities while maintaining relationships with your current clients.

You have overhead expenses to pay, including employee salaries. So it's critically important that you focus on the big picture while delegating the day-to-day tasks to skilled employees who work hard and smart, and who fit into your corporate culture.

That may sound like an overwhelming responsibility. Fortunately, our sponsor Indeed.com helps you achieve your goals in a number of key ways that other, everyday job boards cannot match.

Indeed reaches millions of job seekers every month and results in far more successful hires than other job sites. It does the heavy lifting for you by giving you the chance to get five times more clicks from job candidates, helps you intelligently sift through millions of resumes so you can spend your time more productively and ensuring that job candidates understand your corporate culture so they hit the ground running.

Bonus: Indeed is the job site Kim Komando uses. It's the No. 1 third-party job site and mobile app with five times more successful hires than its competitors!

200 million candidates for FREE

You can reach millions of job candidates for free. You simply post your company's job description on Indeed.com.

More than 200 million job seekers search for jobs on Indeed's website and mobile app every month. You can access these job seekers and their resumes from a computer or mobile device - about 65 percent of Indeed users access the site from their smartphone or tablet.

Plus, Indeed makes the job of hiring employees easier. You can review applications and schedule interviews from the site.

Bonus - save time! Get started with your Indeed job posting in 5 minutes!

Five times more job candidate clicks

Your job listing on Indeed.com can appear on top of the search results, where job candidates are far more likely to see them than other job listings. The best part is, you pay for sponsored listings only when job candidates click on them.

Job candidates are five times more likely to click on your sponsored listing than other jobs. That way, you're finding qualified candidates fast.

Millions of resumes screened fast

You know the most daunting part of hiring talented staff. As a business owner, you've spent countless, exhausting hours reading resumes.

You can sift through dozens of them and not find one candidate who has the skills to help accomplish your goals or fit in with your corporate culture. Good news, Indeed can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you with Indeed Resume.

You can screen resumes by a candidate who is nearby and who has the education level you're looking for. You can screen by job title, your business' industry and so on.

Just think about how helpful that will be when Indeed has 2.6 million job candidates adding their resumes every month. Incredible!

Candidates who fit into your corporate culture

Great news! Your company automatically gets its own Company Page when you post a job - just claim the page and you can start personalizing it with photos, videos, news and other information that lets potential job candidates know if they'll fit in with your company's culture, goals and work style.

This is critically important to running a successful company, yet so difficult to screen for with an everyday job posting. Yes, potential candidates can see in a post if they have the education and skills you need.

Yet, the intangible culture you've nurtured for years can be difficult to describe and harder for candidates to understand. That's why a Company Page is so useful - you can build it up over time, so candidates who will fit right in will be the most inclined to submit a resume.

If you have a question about Indeed.com, ask Kim on the air!

Act now! For a limited time, Indeed is offering new users a $50 credit. Just make your first job listing a Sponsored Job, with premium visibility so more candidates will see it. You want to make a great hire fast and this exclusive offer gives you a head start.

Job site I use to hire good people

Do you know what the No. 1 third-party job board is, with more than six times the number of hires than its competitors? Right, it's our sponsor, Indeed.com.

Kim Komando uses Indeed to hire her team because you can screen for qualified candidates with top-tier skills. Kim trusts Indeed because it has proven time and again to have the right candidates right in your backyard.

Click here to find jobs on the same site that Kim Komando uses to hire her team!

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