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6 success stories to inspire your remote job search

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6 success stories to inspire your remote job search
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You don’t just have to dream about a work-life balance. You can have it. Not every job requires you to show up at a workplace for eight hours a day. Not every job means time wasted on commuting. There is a wide world of flexible jobs out there and you can find your dream position through our sponsor FlexJobs.

FlexJobs is dedicated to helping you find a better way to work by connecting you with opportunities for remote, freelance, part-time, and flexible jobs. This is about finding fulfilling work that also lets you pursue your hobbies, spend more time with family, skip the commute, bring in some extra income, and reduce your stress.

Don’t just dream about a better work life. Make it happen. Here are six real-life FlexJobs success stories to inspire you to take that next step and find your perfect employment fit.

1. New mom becomes adjunct instructor

Lindsey J. from Georgia wanted to be home with her new baby, but still be able to travel on family adventures. Her search led her to FlexJobs where she found a position as a remote, part-time adjunct instructor with Independence University and Purdue University Global. This gave her the freedom for the family time she wanted. “I love being able to make my own calendar, get things done at my own pace, and still be able to feel like my family is first,” says Lindsey.

2. Dad teaches his kids about a strong work ethic

Paul R. from Maryland had already embraced the work-from-home lifestyle when he found FlexJobs and was hired for a new position as a community support manager for a technology company. He praises FlexJobs’ handy filtering features that made the job search simple. This truly is Paul’s dream job.

Paul is thrilled with how he’s able to be present in his family’s lives in a way he never could if he had to go to an office every day. “My kids have learned a strong work ethic, and my wife and I are able to spend much more time with each other,” says Paul.

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3. Disabled woman finds perfect work-from-home fit

Shondra T. from Arizona was looking for a job that ticked all the boxes: part-time, flexible, and reliable. She found it through FlexJobs. She is now a reservation and sales agent for U-Haul. “I am able to continue homeschooling my son while having a flexible schedule to build a better life balance,” says Shondra, who is disabled. Now she has income to support her family, time to take care of herself, and a fulfilling career.

4. Remote writer finally feels appreciated

Amy B. from Kentucky is an experienced writer who was tired of dealing with bosses who micromanaged her work. Amy found a new part-time, remote job as a product description writer through FlexJobs and it has transformed the way she feels about her work. “I was tired of working for people who were unappreciative, and would not allow me to be the person I am,” says Amy.

Amy respects and appreciates her bosses as well as the freedom to take breaks when she wants, garden, and fit in some exercise time. She now works two different jobs she found through FlexJobs and it brings her close to full time. “I can actually live my life, and do things I want to do when I need to do them,” she says.

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5. Retiree rejoins the work force on his own terms

Jim R. from Oregon was retired, but he discovered he wasn’t ready to give up work entirely. Jim joined FlexJobs and found an ideal position as a remote digital marketing administrator. He can now keep his business skills sharp and bring in some extra income during his semi-retirement.

Jim enjoys the flexibility of his job and plans his work schedule around his favorite activities. He offers some advice for other FlexJobs users: “What worked for me was to focus my search, and then tailor my cover letter and resume to match where I was focusing.”

6. Single parent balances kids and career

Catherine K. from North Carolina loves both her family and her work. Thanks to FlexJobs, she doesn’t have to compromise either one. Catherine found her work-from-home position as an independent agent for a customer service solutions provider through FlexJobs.

“I am a single parent with children, and flexibility is extremely important,” Catherine said. She can now arrange her work schedule around picking up the kids from school. It also gives her plenty of time to prepare healthy meals for her family, spend time with the kids, and relax in the evenings.

Catherine rewrote and tailored her resume using advice from a FlexJobs webinar. She felt confident in her job search thanks to FlexJobs’ vetted opportunities. “It was really helpful not having to worry about being scammed while searching for a job. You have enough on your plate when you’re job searching, and FlexJobs understands that!”

A FlexJobs membership is your first step to finding employment that fits your life. Click here to join and start the search for a remote, part-time, freelance, or flexible job. Your own life can become just as inspiring as these FlexJobs success stories.

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