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How to make text larger on your phone, tablet and computer

How to make text larger on your phone, tablet and computer
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All of us struggle with this, no matter your age. It's the reason people carry magnifying glasses with you or have $1 drug store reading glasses scattered all over the house, in your purse and in your car.

It's difficult to read, isn't it? Of course, if you're an avid reader, you know that you can buy large-print novels and non-fiction books online, download FREE online books or check them out at your public library.

But what about all the other occasions when you need to read and the letters are too small? You can use a magnifying glass or readers to clearly see the fine-print on your prescription bottles or restaurant menus.

Of course, those can be cumbersome to carry around and they always work well for the vast majority of the time you struggle to read, which is on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

Good news. We've got simple, step-by-step solutions to enlarge the letters so you can read your family's Facebook posts, websites like Komando.com and everything else you read online.

We've got tips for Windows 10 computers, Apple Macs, Google Chromebook, Apple iPads and iPhones and Android smartphones. Are you ready to see better?

Bonus: Keep reading to find out how to enlarge text on web browsers Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 computers

There are two simple ways to use Microsoft's Magnifier on Windows 10 computers to enlarge the words on your computer screen. Each alternative gives you the option to adjust the size of the letters, so you can read even tiny words.

Click on your Start button (windows icon in the lower-left side of your computer screen). Click on Settings (the eight-pronged circle) >> Ease of Access >> select Magnifier from the left-hand menu >> slide to On, where it says Use Magnifier, and make adjustments there.

You can also use this keyboard shortcut. Click on the Windows icon key and the + or - sign at the same time to magnify and de-magnify the words you're reading.


There are a couple of steps to enlarging words on Macs. First, click on System Preferences >> Accessibility >> Zoom.

Second, go to accessibility settings and enable keyboard shortcuts. Press down on Option and Command and = to zoom in or Option, Command and - to zoom out.


If you're using a Google Chromebook, you can magnify what you're reading. Start with Settings >> Show advanced settings >> Accessibility >> Enable screen magnifier.

iPads and iPhones

Do you use an iOS smartphone or tablet? There are two main ways to enlarge the text so you can read what's written on the screen.

You can magnify the screen. Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility and turn on Zoom and then use your fingers to magnify or de-magnify the screen.

You can adjust the size of fonts. Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility then turn on Larger Text. Use the slider to adjust the font size.

Android smartphones

You can easily enable magnification on your Android. Start by tapping on Apps >> Settings >> Accessibility >> Vision >> turn on Magnification gestures. You'll see instructions to zoom in and out, notably tapping three times on the screen with one finger.

Note: Many manufacturers make Android smartphones. The steps to magnify fonts may differ on your phone.

Web browers

There is no reason for you to struggle reading when you're on the internet. That's because most web browsers have made it extremely easy to adjust the size of the words you're reading.

Chrome: Click on the orange circle with the white exclamation point in the upper-right side of your computer screen. Scroll down to Zoom and make adjustments.

Firefox: Click on the three horizontal lines on the upper-right side of your screen. Make adjustments where it says Zoom.

Microsoft Edge: Click on the three horizontal dots on the upper-right side of your screen. You can make adjustments where it says Zoom.

If you have a question about making it easier to read tiny words on the web ask Kim!

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