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1 trick to make your TV sound better

Aftermaster Pro
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1 trick to make your TV sound better

You love movies. You love television shows. Your passion as a viewer extends beyond just what you see on screen. It’s also about the sound. You want to hear every detail, from the music to the effects to the dialogue. You don't want to miss a thing.

It’s frustrating when you have to deal with inconsistent sound quality. This can manifest as dialogue that’s too low to hear or booming action scenes that have you reaching to turn the volume down. You can have sound that is just as good as the visuals. This is where our sponsor Aftermaster Pro comes in.

You came to read this because you’re looking for that one trick that will make your TV sound better. The answer is Aftermaster Pro, a device that acts like a professional sound person, adjusting your television audio so you hear dialogue more clearly, whether you’re watching cable, streaming shows, or catching up on your favorite movies. It also keeps loud sound effects and commercials in check.

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Simply better sound

The quality of television screens has improved astronomically over the years, but speaker systems are too often lacking, particularly when you’re using the small, built-in speakers. Aftermaster Pro can make any speaker, even the built-in ones, sound more like a true theater experience.

Louder. Fuller. Clearer. Balanced. Click here to learn more about the cutting-edge sound processing technology behind Aftermaster Pro.

You can read about Aftermaster Pro, but the proof is truly in what you hear. Aftermaster Pro has put together a series of before-and-after videos that show the remarkable difference in sound. Check out this clip showing a future queen talking to her father and hear for yourself how Aftermaster Pro boosts the clarity of the dialogue. The background music still sounds full and crisp, but the actors’ voices come through like they’re standing right there in the room with you.

This is about getting so much more enjoyment out of your favorite entertainment while putting an end to audio frustrations. Aftermaster Pro works in real time, seamlessly adjusting the sound on the go.

Get started with Aftermaster Pro

Aftermaster Pro is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and it will become an unobtrusive and indispensable part of your home entertainment system. In the box you will get the device itself, an HDMI cable, a USB power supply, and an easy-to-follow user manual.

Setup is simple. You connect the power supply and then connect an HDMI source device to the input port on the Aftermaster Pro. The source can be a cable box, satellite box, DVD player, or an entertainment or gaming console. Yes, that means gamers can use Aftermaster Pro to improve the sound from an Xbox or PS4.

The Aftermaster Pro has room for two different sources, so you can hook up a cable box and an Apple TV, for example. Connect the Aftermaster Pro output port to your television and you’re all set. It also works just fine with external speaker systems, including sound bars. The user guide will help you find the right way to set up the Aftermaster Pro for your particular system.

Click here for tips on handling television sound when you have hearing loss.

Kim Komando is a big fan of the benefits of Aftermaster Pro. “Aftermaster Pro is the simplest solution for solving the TV dialogue and sound problems.What’s better, it works with all TVs with or without external speakers or sound-bars and installs in 60 seconds,” she says.

Are you ready to transform the way you hear home entertainment?

Click here to order the Aftermaster Pro and, for a limited time, get $25 off with special promo code: KIM.

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