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Why you need a password manager and what could happen if you don't 

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Why you need a password manager and what could happen if you don't 

Anyone who has ever spent any time with a computer or, really, any kind of gadget understands the importance of passwords. A good many apps and devices require them, all with the goal of protecting you and your information.

Birthdays, street addresses, pet names and other memorable words make for common passwords, but often times not all that secretive. We have all been there, being told our password idea is "too weak" or does not have enough of the right characters or symbols.

That's when coming up with a password becomes stressful and frustrating. Worse, when you finally think of one you have to write it down to remember and that's in no way secure. That's where our sponsor LastPass comes in.

Never forget another password

There are few things more frustrating than typing in password after password, only to be told it is incorrect. Worse, at some point most systems even lock us out after a certain number of attempts.

First and foremost, password managers like LastPass remember all your passwords for you. Gone will be the days of typing, re-typing and yelling at your device that yes, the password is correct.

Instead you will just need to enter each of them one time, and that's it. Just remember your one for LastPass.

Make sure that password is strong enough

As hackers continue to become more advanced with their technology, it is on us to try and come up with passwords they would never guess. That often means symbols, numbers and all sorts of different letters -- sometimes with none of it making any real sense.

A whopping 81 percent of data breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords, which is why LastPass will help you create complex and unique passwords.

None of us like having to come up with those kinds of passwords, but many sites are now requiring them. And because they will be stored in one place, you won't have to worry about trying to remember every single crazy detail.

Your many passwords will be secure

One of the concerns about entering all your passwords into the same place would be that, well, they are all in the same place. No matter how difficult they might be to guess, all it takes is one hack and all of a sudden they are available for all to see.

And if your passwords are simple or used across many different platforms, all it could take is for a hacker to track down one of them in order to have an array of accounts to penetrate.

But LastPass is a bit like a bank vault. Sure, all the passwords are there, but the only person getting in to see them is you. Not even people who work for LastPass will know!

But while kept away from hackers, the passwords can be used by you or your family across multiple devices.

In summary

There are many different password managers to choose from, but LastPass is great for both personal and business use. Whichever group you fall into, it will help simplify your life.


  • Do you struggle coming up with something unique and strong? LastPass can create a password for you.
  • You will only have to remember one password, your LastPass password.
  • Benefit from unlimited storage for all of your passwords and notes.
  • Automatically fills in your usernames and passwords.
  • Enjoy easy access to all your passwords from any device.
  • Know that all your passwords are securely hidden and stored.
  • Share your passwords with others.

Sounds good, right? Sign up by clicking here for a 30-day free trial!

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