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5 best photo scanning services

5 best photo scanning services
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The way we take pictures has changed drastically over the years. I remember not too long ago having to use old school cameras whenever I wanted to capture the perfect memories.

Do you remember those days? Loading film into the camera, taking a specific number of pictures until the roll was full, and then running to the store to have it developed. It was so exciting when you got that phone call letting us know our pictures were ready to pick up.

Nowadays we just pull out our smartphone, point and click and voilà! We have stunning digital photos instantly. You can upload them to your computer, share them online through social media or the cloud and even send them through email or text message.

But what about that stockpile of family photos that you have collecting dust in the closet? It would be nice to turn them into digital files so you can also share them online. Don't worry, you can.

There are photo scanning services that will turn those old-time photos into gorgeous digital files. Keep reading to learn about some of the best photo scanning services around.


ScanDigital does everything that you're looking for. It will scan pretty much any format that you have in your collection and turn them digital.

Photos, slides, negatives, film reels to DVD, videotapes to DVD. ScanDigital does it all. There is a simple three-step process to using the site:

  1. Place your order - No need to count or sort. Simply generate a UPS label from the ScanDigital site and ship your materials and track everything using its Essential Tracker.
  2. Items are scanned and reviewed - ScanDigital provides the highest quality. It crops, rotates and color corrects all images as well as removing dust and minor blemishes.
  3. Your originals and duplicate copies are returned - You receive a lifetime of memories on an external USB Drive preserved forever.

Click here to take a look at ScanDigital.

Memories Renewed

There are many things to love about Memories Renewed. It scans with extremely high resolutions, has a speedy turnaround time, and close to perfect photo restoration services to name a few.

The company can scan photos of all sizes, pictures in albums, memorabilia and scrapbook pages. It scans photos at high resolution 600dpi for archival quality digital images, which offers increased flexibility for enlarging, editing, and printing.

Each photo is carefully scanned by hand and includes spot-on cropping and manual editing for the highest quality results. Every item is reviewed three times through its digitizing process for excellent quality assurance.

Click here to check out the Memories Renewed site.


DigMyPics is one of the highest rated services around. It can scan and transfer slides, prints, negatives, video tapes, and movie reels.

One thing that sets DigMyPics apart is the multiple resolution selections to choose from. Resolutions start at 300dpi and go all the way up to 1200dpi.

The ordering process is very simple as well. Just estimate the number of photos you want digitized, complete the order form on the DigMyPics site, and send them your originals using a FedEx label you create from its site. That's it.

Click here to check out the DigMyPics site.


GoPhoto can scan your photos, negatives, slides, full albums, and VHS to DVD. It offers 600dpi resolution for printed photos and 2000dpi resolution for negatives and slides. For an additional 25 cents per image you can get 1200dpi scans for printed photos.

There is a simple three-step process:

  1. Send GoPhoto your photos
  2. Images are scanned and checked for quallity
  3. You view, select and share the final product and even better, you only pay for scans that you keep

Click here to check out GoPhoto.

In-store services

CostcoWalmart and Walgreens have photo and slide conversion services. After you've gone through your photos, bring the ones you'd like to digitize to each store's photo center.

A sales clerk will go over prices and packages with you. You'll leave your photos there and the store will call you to come back to pick up a DVD with your images.

These are three of the big national retailers that have photo scanning services. If you'd rather support local business, do a quick online search to see if there are local companies that can help you out.

Bonus: Save Money! Have you shopped around at photo stores to restore your old, fragile family photos, from small pictures to large panoramic images? It can set you back hundreds of dollars. Just think about how much time and money you'll save by doing it yourself with FastFoto FF-640 from the comfort of your home. Click here now to learn more about how our sponsor Epson FastFoto FF-640 can preserve your photos and documents.

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