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Secret way to lower your healthcare costs

Presented by Medi-Share -- a member run Christian Care Ministry.
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Secret way to lower your healthcare costs
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Healthcare is one of those things that no one likes to think about. Not necessarily because of how political the topic has gotten, though that is certainly a part of it.

But for most people, conversations about our health only come up when something is wrong. Otherwise, insurance is something we understand to be very expensive and hope to never use.

Unfortunately there are times where we need it, which is where the problems with the healthcare industry become a real issue. Finding the right plan can be difficult and even if you do, the costs of necessary care can be devastatingly high.

Health troubles often lead people to seek help, with church being one of the best places to turn to. Along those lines our sponsor Medi-Share wants you to know about its affordable, biblical healthcare program.

How does Medi-Share do it?

Medi-Share was created with the biblical principle of believers looking out for one another, sharing each other's burdens as practiced by the church of Acts. Made up of a nationwide community of Christians who share each other's healthcare costs, it will make sure everyone is taken care of when they need to be helped.

Since 1993 more than $2.6 billion in medical expenses have been shared and there are more than 400,000 believers lending a helping hand. Not only are the options to join in affordable, but they will be able to meet the needs of virtually every Christian family.

Through Medi-Share resources are shared directly between members. There is no pooling of funds, and it helps members live healthy lifestyles that are consistent with a biblical worldview.

But how does it work?

It's really quite simple. Medi-Share members agree to live godly lifestyles and act according to biblical principles. They also live healthy lifestyles, the kind that are consistent with a biblical worldview.

Members have access to one of America's largest provider networks, allowing them to choose their own doctors. Importantly unlike with insurance, Medi-Share will not force members to pay for prescriptions or procedures that go against Christian beliefs.

For most Medi-Share members the cost of the program will be less than half the cost of most other healthcare programs. It is member-run through the Christian Care Ministry, where members make the rules in accordance with a statement of faith.

Are you a believer yet?

The last thing people think healthcare is is affordable, and yet through the church, it can be. Medi-Share allows believers to share in the burden of taking care of one another, being able to do so according to biblical principles.

Members do not need to pay into an expensive healthcare program that could fund prescriptions and procedures that go against Christian beliefs. Medi-Share has been around for 25 years and saved members billions of dollars, with each of them receiving healthcare in a godly way.

There is no fear, no uncertainty and no moral dilemmas with Medi-Share. Just affordable, biblical healthcare.

Click here to learn more about Medi-Share and how to become part of a Christian community that is committed to sharing each other's medical bills.

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