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Sponsored: 3 rosé recipes to kick off summer

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Sponsored: 3 rosé recipes to kick off summer
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Often the wine world is divided up into reds and whites, but the universe of vino is anything but monochrome. Rosés are blushing wines that cross boundaries, inviting both red and white-wine lovers into their fold.

Rosés are a diverse bunch, with sweet, dry, and semi-dry options that will bring joy to your taste buds. Their fresh flavor notes and fruity overtones are a perfect match for warm weather. Our sponsor HelloFresh knows how to pick out a great rosé as part of its wine club subscription. Click here to get $30 off your first HelloFresh box and free shipping.

If you already know and love rosés, HelloFresh will expand your horizons. If you’re new to the drinkable art form, the HelloFresh’s wine club will guide you through an introduction.

Rosé wines get their delightful pink color from how they’re made. The red grape skins stay in the mix for only a short amount of time before being removed. This brief contact gives the wine its distinctive color, but doesn’t allow it to turn the deep red we associate with other styles of wine.

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You can pour rosé into a glass and enjoy it with your HelloFresh meal, but it can also be used as a component in convivial cocktails and other enticing creations. Ready to get adventurous with rosé? Check out these dazzling rosé recipes from HelloFresh.

Watermelon Frozé

What’s a “frozé?” you might ask. It’s a cold, slushy drink that will cool you off as the summer heat rises. HelloFresh’s fun and flirty cocktail recipe combines a bottle of rosé, watermelon, fresh lime juice, Aperol, and agave syrup. All you need is a blender and a little patience as you pop it in the freezer to thicken.

The watermelon flavor evokes a favorite summertime treat. If you don’t have Aperol on hand, it’s worth picking it up for this recipe. Aperol is a unique Italian liqueur with a delightful bittersweet flavor of oranges that melds beautifully with the sweetness of the watermelon and briskness of the rosé wine.

A mint and watermelon garnish really makes the presentation pop. This one will be a crowd-pleaser at weekend gatherings. Get the full frozé recipe here.

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Sangria Ice Cubes

Don’t water down your drinks with regular old ice cubes. HelloFresh’s fabulous take on the drink-cooling cubes involves rosé, coconut water, triple sec (an orange-flavored liqueur), soda water, and a medley of fresh fruit. HelloFresh recommends using lemon, orange, lime, and kiwi, but almost any fresh fruit or citrus will do. You also add fresh mint to the mix.

Chop the fruit into small pieces, arrange them in an ice cube tray, top with the drink mixture, and freeze. The result is a new and fun take on the concept of sangria that will add a sparkle of both color and flavor to your drinks. Check out the details.

Rosé Jello Shots

Yes, you can turn jello shots into an art form. HelloFresh’s recipe mixes rosé wine, fresh lime juice, pomegranate-flavored grenadine syrup, unflavored gelatin, and citron vodka to create jello shots that are (dare we say?) quite sophisticated. Top them with white cake pearls for an extra visual punch.

Have fun experimenting with these delightful ways to play with rosé and be sure to take advantage of our sponsor's special offer to save $30 on your first HelloFresh meal-kit box.

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