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Sponsored: The company that’s transforming at-home hair coloring

Madison Reed
Presented by Madison Reed - Revolutionizing the way women color their hair.
Join the thousands who have tried Madison Reed now!
Sponsored: The company that’s transforming at-home hair coloring
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Coloring your hair has long been both a dilemma and a challenge for many women (and some men!). You can go to a pricey salon and spend a lot of time and money having your hair done, or you can do it yourself at home with commercial kits that may have undesirable ingredients and unsatisfying results. Our sponsor, Madison Reed, believes in a better way to color.

Our sponsor Madison Reed represents a revolution in at-home hair color. It’s about women taking control of their hair and beauty with dyes, styling and hair care products made with quality ingredients. That means no parabens, no ammonia, and no pthalates! It's even gluten free!

Three words describe the foundation of Madison Reed: integrity, innovation and love. You will find all of these qualities in the brand’s beautiful hair color products. Whether you’re looking to go copper blonde or a dark plum brown, Madison Reed will guide you to the right hair color and get you to your goal. You can do it yourself and get spectacular results.

Find your perfect hair color at Madison Reed.

Meet Madison Reed

Founder Amy Errett named the company after her daughter and she herself uses Madison Reed’s Roma color to enhance her naturally blonde hair and cover gray. “There’s no question in my mind that how your hair looks has a direct correlation with being confident,” said Errett in a video message. “At Madison Reed, our number one job is to make that happen.”

Madison Reed elevates at-home hair color to a salon-quality experience, but with the added confidence of knowing that their product includes ingredients you can feel good about. You get professional-level results without having to spend hours and hours at an expensive salon.

Ingredients for healthy-looking hair

Some hair dyes contain ammonia and other unpleasant chemicals. Madison Reed colors are ammonia-free, made in Italy, and created with ingredients that meet the strict European Union safety standards. You will find hair-loving ingredients like ginseng root extract for strength, argan oil for smoothness, and honey in the shampoo and conditioner for a stunning lightweight shine.

Madison Reed honors the origins of its colors by naming them after locations in Italy. Explore the deepness of Perugia Black, the smoky brown of Messina, the spicy copper of Vesuvius, and the golden shades of Capri Blonde.

Affordable, beautiful, fun

Madison Reed hair colors start at under $20 for gorgeous, natural looks. You can also get color-reviving glosses, Root Touch Up, makeup for hair, shampoo, conditioner, and frizz-taming styling products that are gentle on your color.

Not sure where to start? The Madison Reed Color Quiz will guide you to the perfect product, whether you want to refresh your current color, go lighter, go darker, or cover up a little gray.

The Madison Reed experience embraces personalized customer service. For advice, just call, email, or chat with a Madison Reed colorist. You can even upload photos so the Color Crew can help you find the right match.

Download the Madison Reed app for iOS for smartphone assistance with finding the right color and to watch step-by-step instructional videos that walk you through the hair coloring process. It’s easy, even if you’ve never done your own hair before.

Madison Reed’s online shopping and delivery experience make it easy to keep up on maintaining your hair. Set up automated shipments so you can keep your color looking fresh on your own schedule.

A dedication to natural beauty

And here’s a little something you won’t find in many places: Madison Reed has pledged to not retouch the photographs of models used in its advertising. So what you see is the real natural beauty of the women who use Madison Reed’s hair colors. Smile lines, freckles, and wrinkles all make us who we are. It’s about authenticity. It’s about empowerment. It’s about feeling confident with hair you love.

Hundreds of thousands of women have tried and fallen in love with Madison Reed.

Click here now to find your perfect shade at Madison Reed.

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