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Share health-care costs and save money for you and your family

Presented by Medi-Share -- a member run Christian Care Ministry.
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Share health-care costs and save money for you and your family
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Finding common ground among everyone is difficult these days. But no matter what your background, I'm sure we would all agree that the state of health care in the U.S. is a mess.

Things have been getting worse for years now. Health insurance premiums keep climbing while coverage seems to be stagnant or even less than before.

It's getting so bad it's causing people to look for alternative solutions. There's one place that we can always turn to in times of need. Of course I'm talking about church.

That's why our sponsor Medi-Share wants you to know about its affordable, Biblical health-care program.

What is Medi-Share?

Medi-Share is based on the Biblical principle of believers caring for and sharing each other's burdens as practiced by the church of Acts. It's a modern-day version of what the church started back in the book of Acts.

Early believers shared each other's financial burdens and cared for one another in an authentic Christian community where no one was left in need. Medi-Share members come together to share each other's health-care costs.

Let me be clear, Medi-Share is not insurance. It's Christian health-care sharing. There are over 400,000 believers who share each other's health-care costs.

How does it work?

Each month, your share is matched with another's eligible medical bills. Christian Care Ministry facilitates the direct sharing of medical costs between members.

This has been working for more than two decades. Medi-Share members have been faithfully sharing each other's medical bills for over 24 years, trusting the Lord to provide in their time of need through the voluntary gifts of other believers.

More good news is there's no enrollment period, which means you can join any time. It's portable too, so if you change jobs your membership travels with you.

Medi-Share goes above and beyond traditional health care. On top of sharing medical bills, members encourage and pray for each other, supported by an organization that provides education and promotes Biblical living.

Reasons to believe in Medi-Share

There are so many reasons to believe in Medi-Share. Here are a few:


As a Christian health-care sharing community, Medi-Share members have reported saving nearly half on their health care after joining. You are able to find affordable options, with share amounts based on your choice of one of seven programs. You'll also enjoy the cost-savings benefits of telehealth doctor consultations and access to vision and dental discounts, which are offered free of charge through Medi-Share partner providers.

Good stewardship

With flexible options to fit the needs of virtually any individual or family, and a Health Incentive available for healthier members, Medi-Share is sensible stewardship for Christians.

God-honoring choice

Christian Care Ministry is a not-for-profit ministry where members make the rules in accordance with sound Biblical principles. With Medi-Share, your health-care dollars go to help fellow believers rather than funding medical choices that are not God honoring, which many insurance plans are now required to cover. Unlike insurance, Medi-Share funds are never used to pay for prescriptions or procedures that go against Christian beliefs.


Medi-Share has a proven track record. Members have been caring for one another through medical bill sharing since 1993. Since that time, more than $2.6 billion in medical bills have been shared or discounted. It's a Biblical, proven model for health care that hundreds of thousands of believers across America have taken part in.

Principled Ministry

Modeled after the early believers in the book of Acts, Medi-Share members put their money where their faith is--caring for and ministering to one another free of fear, uncertainty, or moral dilemmas.

Medi-Share gives you the best options for your family's health-care needs. You could save as much as half off your health-care costs.

Click here to learn more about Medi-Share and how to become part of a Christian community that is committed to sharing each other's medical bills.

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