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Sponsored: Perfect tool for all out-of-reach jobs

Little Giant Xtreme
Presented by Little Giant Xtreme - The last ladder you'll ever need to purchase!
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Sponsored: Perfect tool for all out-of-reach jobs

Having the right tool for any particular task is important. Using the wrong one will not only make the task more difficult, it can lead to safety issues as well.

For jobs that are simply out of reach due to their height, having the proper ladder to accomplish the task is critical. An inadequate ladder can be dangerous since it could lead to accidents and serious injuries!

From hanging photos to paint jobs to roof work, a wobbly ladder just won't cut it. You will need a versatile type of ladder that won't come short for any out-of-reach job at hand.

A versatile ladder like our sponsor Little Giant's Xtreme ladder.

The most versatile ladder in the world

With its adjustable legs, the Little Giant Xtreme is actually 24 ladders in one! And with its safety features, it has the right to be called the safest, strongest and most versatile ladder in the world.

Start with its hinges, telescoping sides and easy-to-set ratchets, you can reconfigure the Little Giant Xtreme to fit any out-of-reach job that you're working on.

With this versatile ladder, you get

  • four sizes of A-frame ladders (up to 7 feet)
  • seven sizes of extension ladders (up to 15 feet)
  • three sizes of 90-degree ladders
  • two trestles for multiple levels of scaffolding jobs

Better yet, the Little Giant Xtreme ladder's 8.5 inches worth of leveling adjustments for each leg can accommodate uneven surfaces for maximum stability and safety. This is essential if you're working with stairs or uneven landscaping outside your home.

And get this, the Little Giant Xtreme's storage size is just 4-feet 7-inches so you can stash it just about anywhere in your home.

Other Safety features

  • Quad-Lock Hinges - With Little Giant Xtreme's Quad-Lock hinges with four independent lock pins, you can easily set it up for safety and peace of mind. They're easy to operate too since they're palm pressure sensitive.
  • Comfort Step - Adding to the Little Giant Xtreme's comfort and stability is an integrated standing platform you can adjust to fit the height of the job at hand.
  • 50% Wider Rungs - The Little Giant Xtreme's wider than average rungs ensure stability and ease when you're moving up and down.
  • Rock Locks - The Little Giant Xtreme's bright orange Rock Locks let you easily adjust its height with an effortless click and it will securely lock in place.

With all these great features, the Little Giant Xtreme ladder will surely help you accomplish any out-of-reach task safely and comfortably.

Click here to get your very own Little Giant Ladder with convenient FREE shipping and a 60-day money back guarantee.

And for a limited time, you can get a free Little Giant Xtreme accessory with each purchase. Call 1-800-840-9309 for details!

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