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Sponsored: Hearing is believing!

Aftermaster Pro
Presented by Aftermaster Pro - The solution to your TV dialogue issues!
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Sponsored: Hearing is believing!
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So you just bought a new flat screen TV and are about to settle down to watch that latest blockbuster movie you've been raring to see at home. But there's a problem - your TV's sound is so frustratingly inconsistent!

You probably hear this all too often. In one scene, spoken words sound so soft that you can't help but turn your TV's volume up. Then without warning, a big action scene comes up with all the loud sound effects and a musical score that rattles every wall in your house.

So your neighbors are not pleased and you're forced to keep your finger on your TV remote's volume button the rest of the time. Not really a fun movie experience, right?

You may think your flat screen TV's tiny speakers are to blame. Well, not entirely.

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With the way modern movies are mixed, these wide variations in sound are intentional. These dynamic changes may sound awesome in the theater but they can be overwhelming at home. And sometimes, even external soundbars and surround sound systems can't solve these sonic problems completely!

Thankfully, here's a little gizmo that can solve your TV dialog and volume issues, even when you're using external audio hardware. Keep reading to hear the difference for yourself.

Solve your TV audio woes with Aftermaster Pro

Our sponsor Aftermaster Pro is a groundbreaking audio remastering box that adjusts and enhances your TV's sound in real time while you're watching.

Better yet, it can bring out the ever-important dialog front and center without sacrificing the detail, dynamics, and excitement of your favorite programs.

With the help of respected names in the music and audio industry, the Aftermaster Pro team has created a remarkable product that can transform your TV viewing experience by bringing audio clarity, consistency, and transparency to your movies, TV shows, and even music.

Worried about the bulk of an extra component in your entertainment center? Don't worry!

Aftermaster Pro won't take much space at all. It's just a little portable device (roughly the size of a smartphone) that sits between your TV and your audio/video source such as your cable box, streaming box, game console or DVD/Blu-ray player.

Simply hook your media player up to the Aftermaster Pro via either of its two HDMI inputs then connect it back to your TV, external soundbar, speaker system or audio receiver via its HDMI output and you'll be up and running in no time.

No wonder people from over 100 countries have already purchased an Aftermaster Pro to solve the biggest problem plaguing TV watchers today. Check out these positive customer reviews!

Hear the Aftermaster Pro difference

Do you want to hear the Aftermaster Pro at work? Hearing is believing! Just spend two minutes and listen to the TV show, movie and music video samples below and hear the difference for yourself.

TV Show: 



As you can see (and hear), Aftermaster Pro is the solution to your TV dialogue and sound effect issues. For a limited time, get $25 off with this special promo code: KIM

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