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Sponsored: Print documents and images remotely from wherever you are

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Sponsored: Print documents and images remotely from wherever you are

Technology has created a life for you that your parents could never have dreamed about just a decade or two ago. You can work from anywhere.

Your parents may have sat in traffic for hours Monday to Friday, getting to and from the office - it's no wonder you rarely saw them. Or they may have endured rain, snow and cold breezes as they waited for the bus or train.

These days, you can work from anywhere, although there are still limits. You have a home office with an internet connection to get quite a bit of work done from home.

But you still find yourself running to the office to print documents, graphics, charts, photos and other images. You go in to access important files or projects you've been working on in collaboration with your team.

Great news. Now, thanks to our sponsor RemotePC from the maker of iDrive, you can remotely access your computer to work on all your files and print them from anywhere. That includes projects you're working on with co-workers who you give remote access to your computer.

Note: RemotePC is compatible with Windows PCs, Apple Macs, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Work from anywhere

You can access your computer from wherever you are, including from your iPhone or Android phone. Just download the RemotePC app to the smartphone, laptop, PC or Mac that you'll be using to remotely access your files.

You can drag and drop files from your work computer to your remote computer. You can also save your RemotePC session to your computer.

Click here to SAVE 90% off RemotePC -- It's just $6.95 for 10 computers for your first year! Use promo code KIM.

Print from anywhere

How easy is this? If you need to print any documents, photographs, charts and presentations from a remote computer, you can.

You start by connecting your remote computer to the internet. Log into RemotePC and select the document you want to print from the computer you're remotely accessing.

Make sure your local printer is set up to work with RemotePC. Then, click on Print.

Bonus: RemotePC is secure. It uses TLS v 1.2/AES - 256-bit encryption to keep your remote connections safe.

Create teams for up to 100 computers

These days, you collaborate on team projects as often as you work on your own. Technology has made it easy to communicate with your coworkers, whether you're emailing your colleague one cubicle over or messaging colleagues in other countries.

In fact, if you're like many people, you do a better job when you're working with others than when you're on your own. That's because your work improves when you let other people with more experience to comment on your presentations, research papers and graphics.

You work harder and smarter when you know that your boss and colleagues will have a say in your final project before you send it to a client. That's just how it's done these days.

Now, team projects are a lot easier thanks to the innovations of our sponsor RemotePC. You can invite other people to remotely access your PC - they'll each be given a unique access code.

You can comment on each other's work and chat about it in real time. You can remotely print these team projects from the comfort of your home.

Get this. With RemotePC, you can give an unlimited number of users remote access to your computer -- you just invite them.

You can add up to 100 computers to your remote access list. Plus, you can tailor collaborators into separate groups.

It's secure. RemotePC uses TLS v 1.2/AES - 256-bit encryption and each user is given a unique key to remotely access your computer.

Sponsored: Easy way to have your computer with you everywhere that you go

It sometimes feels like you're connected 24 hours a day. No matter where you are, you feel that you can get work done from your smartphone or tablet.

But the reality is, you don't have your most important files on your phone. Worse, you have to drive into the office to access the documents you've been collaborating on at work.

Good news! Keep reading to find out how you can access your computers from anywhere!

BonusClick here to SAVE 90% off RemotePC -- It's just $6.95 for 10 computers for your first year! Use promo code KIM.

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