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Surprising benefits of meal delivery services

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Surprising benefits of meal delivery services

Our busy lives can take a toll on our eating habits. We rush from work to home to shuttling kids around or dashing off to the gym. When you run out of time to go to the grocery store, it can be tempting to just hit up a fast-food drive-through or grab a frozen dinner out of the refrigerator.

But being short on time doesn’t mean having to short-change your health or your taste buds. A meal delivery service brings fresh, flavorful ingredients right to your house so you get all the joy of a home-cooked meal without having to dash around from store to store with time you don’t have to spare.

Our sponsor HelloFresh is an expert in delivering meal kits that are delicious, good for you, and fast to prepare. The time savings from a meal delivery service is one of the most attractive features, but there are plenty of other benefits you might not expect.

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Cooking skills

Many people have the desire to become good home chefs, but just need a little guidance to get there. Meal kits come with simple, easy-to-follow instructions that walk you through all the steps. You will go from a collection of healthy ingredients to a perfect meal in surprisingly little time. The skills you learn from making these recipes will stay with you.

HelloFresh assigns cooking difficulty levels to its recipes, so you can start out with Level 1 meals and work your way up to more challenging recipes as you hone your skills. This turns your kitchen into your very own personal cooking school.

Perfect portions

If you’ve ever visited a buffet, then you know how hard it is to gauge portion sizes when you’re on your own with an empty plate to fill up. Meal kits are designed to deliver perfect portions so you will feel full and satisfied, but not be tempted to overeat. It takes all the guesswork out of dishing up your dinner. As a bonus, proper portions also help reduce food waste.

Ingredients come to you

You don’t have to be an expert at picking out a cut of beef or knowing who has the freshest salmon in your town. Your meal kit comes stocked with quality ingredients that are ready to cook. You also don’t have to keep a fully stocked cabinet full of every spice imaginable since key seasonings come with your meal kit.

Love salmon? Check out one of Kim’s favorite salmon recipes from HelloFresh.

Wining and dining

Choosing a wine can feel like solving a mystery, so it's nice to get a little expert help with wine and food pairings. Your meal delivery service can help you out with everything from Cabernets to Pinot Grigios. HelloFresh’s wine club subscription service is like having your own personal sommelier. Whether you’re a fan of reds, whites, or both, you will discover the ideal wine to go with your food. Even better, it arrives at your doorstep with the same convenience as your meal kits.

Learn how to pair a great wine with your favorite meal.

Discovering new dishes

It’s time to break out of your food rut. HelloFresh lets you explore cuisines from classic American cooking to Greek, Italian, Korean, or fun fusion dishes that mix flavors from around the world. This is a great way to treat your taste buds to new experiences. You could discover a love of couscous or a passion for snow peas.

Don’t worry, your old favorites are there, too. But you can taste them with a fresh twist...like a white pancetta pizza with baby broccoli or sweet potato and black bean tacos. Start your journey of flavor discovery with $30 off your first box from HelloFresh.

Kim loves HelloFresh for a lot of good reasons

Work schedules can make it tough to make healthy food choices, but Kim has discovered a better way to manage mealtimes with the help of HelloFresh.

Learn why HelloFresh is the perfect fit for Kim’s busy lifestyle...and yours, too.

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