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Sponsored: Make your music sound as fantastic as it can be

Presented by audioengine - Speakers that sound great and don't cost a fortune!
Wired or wireless, they connect to any device.
Sponsored: Make your music sound as fantastic as it can be

In this age of smart speakers, music streaming, and interconnected playback gadgets, there are plenty of listening options out there.

You can go all fancy with your virtual assistants, wireless connections, and smart home integration but if your playback gear doesn't deliver on where it counts -  music reproduction - then all these tech gimmicks can't save your speakers from a so-so sound.

You see, from headphones to small bookshelf monitors to big hi-fi speakers, one thing remains constant - we all recognize excellent sound when we hear it. Music can move and inspire and you will never settle for anything less than the best.

Enter our sponsor Audioengine, a company that's committed to building modern audiophile-quality products with a nostalgic nod to the look and feel of old-school audio equipment and at very reasonable prices, to boot.

Who is Audioengine?

Audioengine started its sonic journey in 2005 when its co-founders, Dave Evans and Brady Bargenquast, sought to design the very first Audioengine branded home speaker system.

Armed with their passion for music and their experience in making professional studio monitor speakers themselves, the pair spent countless hours fine-tuning a pair of small powered speakers that can rival the performance and sound quality of even the most expensive home hi-fi speakers.

After months of perfecting its sound, the first Audioengine branded speakers were finally released in 2005. The speakers instantly became critical and commercial successes, earning Audioengine numerous audio awards along the way.

And now, 13 years later, Audioengine keeps delivering audiophile-grade speakers and components that continue to wow and impress serious music listeners, tech enthusiasts and professional creatives all over the world.

Even as the company expands its product lines to meet the demands of emerging technology like new wireless connectivity options and streaming formats, Audioengine remains focused on its original mission - to make your music sound as fantastic as it can be!

Audioengine A2+

To experience the Audioengine difference now, you can start with Audioengine's award-winning A2+ desktop powered speakers. Considered the best desktop speakers around, you can upgrade your computer audio with the affordable A2+ and experience audiophile-quality sound without breaking the bank.

How so? With its built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and powered high-performance amplifier, the A2+ can receive your computer's audio directly via USB so you can enjoy pure high-quality audio without the distortion introduced by mediocre integrated sound chips and noisy 3.5-mm output jacks.

Compact in size but big in sound, the A2+ shares the same custom tweeters of larger Audioengine speakers. And get this, its matching woofers are made out of durable Kevlar, so you can enjoy high volumes and moving bass without fear of blowing them out.

The A2+ will also work with your other gadgets seamlessly. With its legacy RCA and minijack inputs, you can connect other appliances with traditional connections to instantly experience the sonic difference. You can even connect an Echo Dot and turn it into a great sounding Alexa system!

The A2+ speakers are expandable too. You can add an optional subwoofer for even bigger bass or go wireless with Audioengine's W3 wireless adapter. And in line with Audioengine's commitment to quality build and sound, the A2+ speakers' wooden cabinets are hand-built and tuned to perfection, with multiple color options to match your style.

If music is your passion, the Audioengine A2+ powered speakers are the perfect audio upgrade you're looking for. They can definitely take your desktop listening to an entirely new level!

To learn more about Audioengine and their complete line of products, including its latest wireless series of audiophile-grade speakers, click here now.

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