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12 easy fixes for everyday tech problems

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12 easy fixes for everyday tech problems
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Modern technology offers many conveniences and it has definitely changed our lives for the better. All these hi-tech gadgets keep us connected with our friends and family 24/7, they entertain us, they educate us, and they can help us stay healthy and active.

But with all these welcome advantages come some smaller caveats, of course. Battery anxiety, wire clutter, dropped phones, tangled cords, larger electric bills - it's the price we pay for modern technology.

Call them first-world problems, but for each tech conundrum, there will always be a tech solution and a way to save money. Thankfully, for most tech annoyances, all you'll need is that specific, little accessory to fix it.

And the Komando Shop is full of gadgets, electronics, and accessories that do just that!  Kim’s Club Members always get free shipping. Read on and I'll show you 12 incredibly simple fixes for your everyday tech problems you can get right now.

1. Not enough wall outlets for charging? Get a hub

Sometimes, there are not enough wall outlets in the house for your gadget charging needs. With multiple gadgets becoming the norm for everyone, do you often find yourself battling with your housemates over who gets to juice up their gadget next?

If this is a common problem in your household, this Dual Wall Outlet and USB Combo is the perfect solution to your charging problems.

Easily convert any existing wall outlet into an electronic charging valet suitable for smartphones, tablets, portable music players and other USB powered devices.

Equipped with two USB ports and dual power outlets, this multi-use charging station is a space-saving way to power up to four portable devices at once, with a built-in cradle to store one small digital device as it charges.  Get the Dual Wall Outlet and USBO Combo in the Komando Shop for only $21.99!

2. Get rid of clutter and tangled cords

Which brings us to this next tech issue. Do you often juggle multiple cables and chargers for your gadgets? Not only is this confusing, the tangle of wires can be frustrating!

Fix this annoying problem with this clever cable and say goodbye to tangled cords and clutter once and for all with the Komando Trio Charger for only $8.99.

The Komando Trio Charger comes with Micro USB, USB C and Lightning plugs so you can charge any phone. This is the only cord you need to have in your house or your car because it can charge any phone.

Its compact design does away with the mess of long tangled cords. The charging source is a USB adapter which you can use any USB power plug to connect it to a wall outlet or car charger.

You can even charge multiple gadgets at the same time! Wow! Not only is this cable a space-saver, it's a time-saver too! Charge almost anything for $8.99, get yours in the Komando Shop now!

3. Never miss a call with style

Ever missed a call because your phone is in your purse or bag? It happens more often than you think. And when your phone is on silent or vibration, you can miss those all-important calls completely! That can be quite a problem.

Solution? This sleek and beautiful accessory that looks more like jewelry than a clever piece of technology! It's the Wireless Call Alert and it is a patent-pending wireless accessory for your handbag.

How can it help? Well, it visually notifies you of an incoming call to your mobile phone through flashing LED lights and continues to blink after a missed call.

Simply insert the included AAA batteries, pair to your phone using Bluetooth and use the included ball chain to attach it to your handbag. This is great for those who can't always hear their phone ring!  Don’t miss another call! The Wireless Call Alert is only $29.99 today in Komando Shop!

4. Stay charged up wherever you are


Nothing is more frustrating than a dead battery when you are on the go. But why pack multiple power sources? This gadget is all you need for AC, DC and even airplane power plug connections. Take the Compact Power Inverter with you everywhere you go.

Whether you're a frequent driver or flyer, stay connected with this essential gadget. It's an ideal choice for charging laptops, phones, tablets, radios, and even a PC. Run any three-pronged or USB-powered device without strain.

This inverter can power AC appliances up to 150 watts and a removable DC power cord connects to your 12V DC cigarette lighter socket.

Catching a flight? The cigarette lighter plug is removable, revealing an airline power plug. If you're always on the move, this inverter is a must have!  Stay connected with this Compact Power Inverter for only $49.95 in Komando Shop!

5. Lose the wires but not the earbuds

Wireless earbuds are quite convenient but it's so easy to lose them! The problem gets even worse if you run or exercise with them, they can drop out of sight (and sound) forever.

Eliminate this problem with these around-the-neck wireless headphones.

Designed for comfort and convenience, these LG Tone Pro Wireless Earbuds feature an around-the-neck style of headphones so you won't lose them, even with the most strenuous activities. With dual microphones and 33 ft of range, these earbuds are ready for your mobile lifestyle.

The perfect companion to your mobile lifestyle, Bluetooth technology connects these earbuds to your smartphone seamlessly. The slim and lightweight body, with a high-gloss exterior finish and textured accents, is ultra stylish too.

The low-profile wires use Kevlar fiber for maximum durability and can be stored magnetically in the mic and controller housing for extra convenience.

They sound fantastic, as well. With advanced quad layer speaker technology, these earbuds reduce high-frequency distortion and provide deep robust sound. Voice calls are also loud and clear as it's fully equipped with a high-quality microphone for exceptional voice clarity.  Get great sound for with these LG Earbuds for $69.98 in Komando Shop today!

6. Protect your valuable electronics

Electrical power surges are known gadget killers. A spike in electrical current can kill your computers, TVs, game consoles and other appliances, so in the modern home, a surge protector is a must. But why settle for JUST a surge protector?

With this versatile 2-in-1 Electricity Monitor & Surge Protector, you can monitor the electricity use of anything that's plugged into it while also offering surge protection.

Plug up to 10 items in and view the voltage, line frequency, amperage, KWH, current leakage and more on the backlit LED screen. And for ultimate energy savings, you can also set specific time periods you want to monitor the energy use. Plus, with its 6-foot cord, you can easily tuck it out of sight.

Save energy and protect your appliances with this versatile power strip now. Only $79.95 in Komando Shop!

Buy it now!

7. A rugged power bank that's built like a tank

If you're anything like me, you also love the great outdoors. There's nothing like camping, hiking, or fishing to recharge your mind and body. But how about recharging your gadgets while out in the wild, enjoying that great outdoor adventure?

Well, with the award-winning Weatherproof Power Bank, being outdoors or on the road no longer means you have to run out of juice.

Built as rugged as you are, you'll never be left stranded without a means to charge up, rain or shine.

It works with phones, tablets and all of your accessories, providing reliable charging for your USB-charged devices when you're hiking, biking, hunting and more.

Going for a quick fishing or boating expedition? Don't worry, this power bank's IP67 rating for dust and water protection makes it the ideal charging solution for all your outdoor adventures. Explore and stay connected with this Weatherproof Power Bank, $49.95 in Komando shop!

8. Stick your gadget anywhere

There are times when you just want to prop your phone up and use it handsfree. For example, viewing a recipe in the kitchen, running on the treadmill, or learning piano via a YouTube tutorial. Certain activities will definitely make you wish you could just stick that gadget anywhere for easy access.

Say no more. With the Suction Cup Phone Mount, you can stick your phone to almost any surface!

These ultra-strong suction cups can hold up to four pounds and are made out of UV-protected and heatproof material so the cups can stay strong in even the harshest conditions.

Stick your phone to gym equipment, to the mirror so you can see your make up tutorial, to the fridge while making a grocery list. Use these to mount your phone to any glass or hard surface. The possibilities are endless!  Conveniently priced at $9.95 in Komando Shop!

9. Stay hydrated when you're out and about


Keeping yourself hydrated during long runs/hikes or while cycling is essential. Not only does it prevent you from overheating, staying hydrated can also improve your overall performance.

But don't take clunky water bottles or wear clumsy belt bags when you can easily replenish yourself with a comfortable hydration pack.

This Sport Hydration Pack is made for outdoor activity and it's uniquely designed for a secure and comfortable fit. With a lower sense of gravity, it's shaped to stay close to your back but away from your neck and shoulders, alleviating pressure on the shoulders.

Made of lightweight, nylon reinforced PVC-free material, the whole backpack is waterproof and can be submerged in up to 16ft of water and it includes a 2-liter anti-microbial hydration bladder. It also has a separate waterproof storage compartment so you can carry your phone with you without fear of water damage.

For your active lifestyle, this Sports Hydration Pack is a must.  On Sale for $34.95 in Komando Shop!

10. Boost your TV's sound and dialog levels

I'm sure you know all about this common complaint with flatscreen TVs. Sometimes, the sound is so uneven between scenes that your finger is constantly on the remote, ready to turn the volume down when things get too intense.

And worse yet, dialog sometimes gets lost in it all, leaving it muddied and hard to understand.

To quickly fix your TV sound issues, try the Aftermaster Pro. You'll understand what we mean when we say you'll hear sounds in your movie you didn't know existed.

The AfterMaster Pro was specially engineered to deliver fuller, clearer audio through your TVs own speakers. No need for additional stereo equipment. Simply plug in your cable box, streaming box, game console or DVD/Blu-ray player into the AfterMaster Pro and then plug the AfterMaster Pro into your TV.

It automatically rates and clarifies the TV dialog while controlling peak levels, so it will even out and enhance the sound delivery.

That means your show will no longer have spots of suddenly being very loud and you won't have to adjust the volume multiple times. Now that's a fix I wouldn't mind hearing.  At $179.95, it’s cheaper than a soundbar and much less bulky. Available in the Komando Shop!

11. Keep your coffee warm on your commute

Let's face it, no one likes cold, stale coffee. This is especially true during those long morning commutes when it seems like you'll be needing that caffeine lift the most.

Enter the AutoCafe.  It was made for those of us with long drives and a love for hot coffee (or tea!).

It unobtrusively sits in your car's existing cup holder and it simply plugs into your car's regular 12V DC port as a power source. Even better, you can quickly turn it on or off with an easily accessible power button. It even has an automatic sensor that detects when the cup holder is empty and shuts itself off.

The AutoCafe can accommodate 12-20 oz cups and it's safe for disposables and similarly shaped porcelain, metal or plastic cups.

For that morning commute coffee rush, the AutoCafe can be a big perk!  Keep your coffee warm everyday for only $24.99, get yours from the Komando Shop!

12. Never drop your phone again

The trend with smartphones is that they're getting larger - the bigger the better, it seems. And you know what that means - they're also harder to hold and use with one hand. How many dropped phones and cracked screens are out there, I wonder?

To compensate for large phones, most people use their pinky finger to support them in their hand. This is the human instinct to protect your device from slipping from your grip. But this is awkward and it's not foolproof, either.

To solve this conundrum perfectly, try this Ring Grip and Stand for smartphones. With this amazingly simple but effective solution, you can free up your fingers and rest your gadget comfortably on the palm of your hand.

This accessory provides more freedom in the way you hold your gadgets. It boosts mobility, giving you more control while taking pictures or recording video. Attach it to any smartphone or tablet with flat, non-textured rear surface.

The Ring Grip can also be used as a kickstand for a phone. Prop your device up to watch videos, follow cooking instructions, listen to music or use as an alarm clock!

Worried about scratching your smartphone's finish?  Thanks to its advanced adhesive, it can be removed with minimal residue.

So stop dropping that expensive smartphone! A Ring Grip is definitely a wise investment and it’s only $9.95 in Komando Shop.

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