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Ultra-Cheap Phones Even iPhone Users Will Crave

Ultra-Cheap Phones Even iPhone Users Will Crave
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How often do you daydream about disconnecting? You know what I mean, where you turn off your smartphone and just luxuriate in silence.

It's hard not to want to disconnect. We're living in a 24-hour world, thanks to smartphones like iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9.

Your life is dictated by "dings." You've probably answered a work email while dozing on your couch on a Saturday evening.

Heck, you've probably fired off a few .pdf contracts to clients while sitting in church. You're getting alerts on Facebook Messenger, text and even phone calls all day and night.

The reality is you can't completely disconnect. However, there is a cool, trendy option to dumb down with a feature cellphone, maybe for the weekend or while you're on vacation.

If you don't already have a "dumb" phone as your backup phone, there's a good chance you'll want one now. Or maybe you have a phone that's not super smart for older members of your family or kids who aren't quite responsible enough for a $1,000 phone!

These "dumb phones," like Nokia 8810 4G, are feature phones like the cellphone you were carrying around a decade ago. They're perfectly good phones to make phone calls and, the best news is, you can do basic internet-connected activities on some of these phones like using Google maps or voice-command texts.

Dumb phone features

You'll have a good idea how feature phones, also called dumb phones, work if you used a cellphone like the Motorola RAZR. These flip phones and similar candy-bar-shaped phones allow you to, (gasp!), make phone calls.

Yes, in the days before you texted and messaged from your smartphone's touchscreens, you made phone calls. You can do that again with a backup like the Nokia 8810 4G or The Light Phone.

Many of these phones aren't loaded with apps and internet connections. Most simply have dial pads for making phone calls and basic text messages.

Of course, these days, dumbphones aren't that dumb. Many of these phones run on an operating system called KaiOS that gives you some smartphone features, like Google Maps and Twitter.


Whether you use a feature phone as your backup phone or your primary phone, you'll love the cost. Rather than spending $1,000 or more on an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you can shell out less than $100 for a phone such as Nokia 3310.

Think about this. You can stay connected on weekends and on vacation with a cellphone that costs about as much as your smartphone's monthly data plan!

Workhorse battery life

You fear your smartphone's battery life. You're lucky if you get 10 hours on a full charge.

After all, you're constantly draining your smartphone's battery. You're on GPS as you drive to work and take your grandchildren to soccer practice.

You're checking in with friends on Facebook Messenger all day long. You're reading the news headlines on apps like CNN and you're scanning family photos on Instagram.

The result is, you're always slightly panicked about where you can charge your smartphone. You're charging it in your car, in the airport, at Starbucks and seemingly everywhere else.

Get this! Many feature phones can last up to a week or more on a single battery charge.

Hot feature phone brands

You may not think that there are many feature phones available. After all, you're always running out to buy the latest, newest and coolest smartphones with sleek, large touchscreens, if you're like most people.

However, billions of people around the world use basic, feature phones to make phone calls and send text messages. The point is, there are plenty of brands and models to choose from.

A couple of brands that you might want to look into include:

Verizon Samsung Intensity 3 CDMA QWERTY Cell Phone

Big Button Phones for Seniors with Speed Dial

Go refurbished

Sometimes getting a refurbished phone is the most economical route, as long as you buy it from a trusted source.  That's why you'll want to check out our sponsor Declutter.  It offers refurbished phones and other tech items that will save you money, or you can sell the gadgets you're not using anymore and make money!

Bonus: Receive an additional 10% on the value of your trade-in tech items when you use promo code 10KOMANDO.

Best phone to buy for kids

We've all wondered, "Is my kid too young for a smartphone?" There is only one right answer, which is, whatever works best for your family.

We've lined up five smartphones that are well-suited for most kids and teenagers. The best part is, these smartphones are cheap enough for most budgets.

Click here to find out which phones are great for your children.



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