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Sponsored: Stay connected to your home or office computer without commuting

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Sponsored: Stay connected to your home or office computer without commuting
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Working without commuting is growing more popular with both consumers and businesses alike. Known as telecommuting, it provides a level of freedom by allowing you to connect to your home or office computer anywhere.

Imagine having secure access to all your network files, applications, and resources without the hassle of driving to and from your office desk. It's the best way to get some work done on the go in the most efficient way possible.

With all its money and time-saving benefits, read on and learn why telecommuting is on the rise.

There are various options for remote computer access out there but our sponsor RemotePC is definitely one you need to check out.

1. Save gas

Commuting almost always requires driving. That means each minute you spend driving from your home and office, fuel is consumed. Think of all the money you can save by not having to commute to your home or work network just to get some work done.

Well, you don't have to if you can just remote into your computer. With our sponsor RemotePC, you can simply log in and control your desktop like you just instantly teleported in front of it. Access your files, run your programs and get your work done from anywhere!

2. Save time

By eliminating the time you use just driving a car, you can spend those precious minutes doing other important things. By using RemotePC to access your computer from anywhere, you can get more tasks accomplished in the same amount of time - quality time you can spend with your family, friends and doing the things you love.

As long as your home or office computer has an active internet connection and the RemotePC software is installed, you can control it remotely from another computer or even from your iOS/Android smartphone and tablet!

3. Minimize car wear and tear

A short drive here, a quick trek there - car wear and tear will inevitably build up if you keep adding those miles to your vehicle.

With RemotePC's remote access, you can lessen car maintenance costs by simply using it less. Get more mileage out of your tires, oil, brakes and car parts. Cutting your daily commute grind means fewer car bills to pay and who doesn't want that?

4. Less stress

With RemotePC, you can stay connected to your home and work network anywhere. By adding a remote access option to your personal or business computers, you can minimize stress with speedy response times, more efficient service, and best of all, less potential for theft and accidents.

Sometimes, nothing beats getting your work done while in the comforts of your home! Work in your pajamas, with your favorite snacks at hand, and within a stress-free environment. RemotePC can give you all that!

Get RemotePC Now!

Our sponsor RemotePC is from the same company who makes the excellent backup application IDrive. It is the best, most affordable remote access service with the ability to print documents, remotely transfer files effortlessly between computers and conveniently drag & drop files between computers and so much more!

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And it gets better. For single computer access, RemotePC is free to use! That's right, it's free! For that price, RemotePC is definitely a must-have for always-on personal remote access to your computer, Windows or Mac.

If you need access to multiple computers, then the RemotePC Consumer plan is the right one for you. For just $69.50 a year, get unlimited remote access for up to 10 computers! Psst! For a limited time, signup today and get 90% off your first year!  Just use promo code: KIM!

Plans start at less than $6 a month to connect up to 10 computers! Save 90% off your first year today!

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