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Sponsored: Why this is the last ladder you'll ever buy

Little Giant Xtreme
Presented by Little Giant Ladder - The last ladder you'll ever need to purchase!
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Sponsored: Why this is the last ladder you'll ever buy

Your family is the most important part of your life, right? If you're like most people, you worry about their safety all the time.

You do everything to ensure they're safe, especially around the house when your son wobbles as he climbs up to repair the roof. You worry about your husband or wife when they're on a rickety step stool to hang artwork, photos, mirrors and dust ceiling fans high overhead - you should be worried!

That's why you'll feel so good about buying our sponsor Little Giant Xtreme's ladder. It's sturdier than any ladder you've ever used.

Yet, it's easy for everyone in your family to use with its wheels and hands-free ratchets. Click here to get your very own Little Giant Ladder with convenient FREE shipping and a 60-day money back guarantee.

Note: Keep reading to see Little Giant Xtreme's 24 configurations to tackle every task around your house!

24 ladders in one

Over the years, you've loaded up your garage, attic and storage shed with step stools, A-frame ladders, extension ladders and scaffolding platforms. Most of those are cheaply made, rickety and unsafe!

Our sponsor Little Giant Ladder has come up with a solution to replace all those ladders with just one, the Little Giant Xtreme. It's really 24 ladders in one with easy-to-use ratchets to reconfigure it for whatever task you're working on.

You adjust Little Giant Xtreme with hands-free ratchets and dual-ratchet leg levelers. That comes in handy when you're working on uneven surfaces, like stairs inside your home or uneven landscaping outside your home.

You can configure this one ladder into four A-frame ladders. These are ladders in the shape of the letter A, where you can step up on either side of it for tasks like painting the ceiling, dusting the crown molding or hanging drapes.

You use the hands-free ratchets to configure Little Giant Xtreme into seven distinct extension-ladder heights. You can get way up on top of your house to fix the air conditioning, clean out the gutters and replace roof tiles.

Little Giant Xtreme is adjustable into six staircase ladders. You can also configure this one ladder into three 90-degree configurations.

Plus, it works as four distinct scaffolding levels. Just think how secure you'll feel knowing that your family is safe when they're on a sturdy scaffold.

Yet, incredibly, its storage size is just 4-feet, 7-inches. You can store Little Giant Xtreme just about anywhere.

Click here and get your very own Little Giant Xtreme. As a Komando.com reader, you will receive a free accessory with your purchase.

Sturdy and safe

Little Giant Xtreme isn't like the other ladders you've been using all your life. Those old-fashioned ladders are wobbly and unsteady - you can feel it as soon as you grab hold of the thin metal and poor construction.

You'll have an entirely different experience with Little Giant Xtreme. It's built with a wide base, so it's sturdy and doesn't sway.

But that's just for starters. Little Giant Xtreme puts your family's safety at the forefront of its construction. That starts with quad-lock hinges.

They have four lock pins to ensure they're safe and secure. You adjust them with the palm of your hand.

The bright orange Rock Locks let you easily adjust its configuration. Simply click them open and lock securely in place.

Easy to use

The best part about Little Giant Xtreme is that it's so easy to use. You may be thinking that a ladder that's this sturdy and secure would be difficult to move around, but it's not.

You can move it around your home with its Tip & Glide Wheels. They're free with Little Giant Xtreme but they're a $39.95 value - incredible!

To move your ladder to wherever your family needs it, just lean it over. Use the wheels to easily get it from one place to another.

The Little Giant Xtreme has added convenience with its AirDeck Workstation. You place it at the top of your ladder to use as a tool tray.

But it's more than that. It comes with handrails, so you feel extra secure.

Bonus: Lifetime warranty and 60-day money back guarantee

Our sponsor Little Giant Xtreme goes above and beyond to keep your family safe. They also make it super convenient for you to buy one.

You'll get FREE shipping and you will not be charged sales tax (except in Nevada and Utah). You'll get a lifetime warranty and, best of all, a 60-day money back guarantee.

Click here to get your very own Little Giant Xtreme. As a Komando.com reader, you will receive a free accessory with your purchase.

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