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Sponsored: Make any TV have amazing sound

Aftermaster Pro
Presented by Aftermaster Pro - The solution to your TV dialogue issues!
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Sponsored: Make any TV have amazing sound

You found the best TV money could buy. The screen is gigantic, the picture is incredible and it has more features than you realized a TV could possibly have.

The TV is now on the wall or on a stand and it looks great, but there is one problem that you can't seem to fix. No matter how many settings you mess with, you just can't seem to get the audio right.

It's impossible to tell what people are saying, and music comes in muffled, too. You could throw your hands up in anger and frustration, and maybe even consider returning the TV.

You don't need to do any of that, though. You also do not need to invest in an incredibly expensive sound system with a receiver and more speakers that don't even fit in the room with you in it.

Get your big-time, clear sound with a tiny box

What you need is the Aftermaster Pro to get the kind of sound that will match your amazing picture. A revolutionary device, it will allow you to not just hear everything, but hear it better than you ever thought possible with just one little box.

Now, you wouldn't really know what it does by looking at it, but that's the trick: Aftermaster Pro is not only small enough to fit anywhere, but its style belies just how powerful it is. It's all about the technology within.

Our sponsor Aftermaster Pro is not the first device created that is meant to improve poor sound quality from a TV. But with help from experts in the music industry as well as audio engineers, it is an improvement on what has already been done.

Whereas some devices that have similar goals try to improve sound by removing elements from the frequency range, Aftermaster Pro enhances the level of clarity with dialogue while at the same time improving the quality of the overall signal.

The difference is...impressive. Also, as you can probably tell from the video, there is no mess of cords and wires in order to make it happen.

Set up is quite simple

Small enough to fit pretty much anywhere, Aftermaster Pro sits in between your TV and whatever your audio/video box is. Cable, streaming, video game or DVD/Blue-ray, it does not matter because it works with them all.

Just connect whichever you have to the Aftermaster Pro via one of its two HDMI ports (that's right, you can hook up two devices to it at a time), then use its HDMI output to connect it to your TV, speaker system, external soundbar or whatever you use for audio.

You will also need to turn the Aftermaster Pro on, but otherwise, that's it. Once on, the box will automatically adjust to whatever audio is coming through it, remastering it to be more detailed and impactful.

In just 60 seconds or so your days of messing with the volume hoping to get things just right will be a thing of the past, and we're guessing you won't miss them.

Everything will sound better now

Whatever device you are listening from, Aftermaster Pro will make it sound better than ever before. Really, it does not matter what you are watching or listening to, if it has sounds, they will improve.

Take, for instance, movies:

Or, if you want, music:

Does the Aftermaster Pro sound good to you?

It does to us.

Maybe you invested heavily into a home theater setup -- audio, included -- and feel good about where you're at. But if you are disappointed in your sound or find yourself struggling to hear clearly what is on the screen, Aftermaster Pro may very well be the solution.

Click here and order the Aftermaster Pro now. For a limited time, get $25 off with this special promo code: KIM.

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