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Sponsored: Why you need to change your toothbrush now!

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Sponsored: Why you need to change your toothbrush now!
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Your family's health starts with healthy teeth. You've been hearing that for years, but what exactly does it mean?

It means that a clean mouth with healthy teeth and gums can prevent a slew of ailments for your family and you. The trick, of course, is keeping your whole mouth healthy.

You know that you need to brush your teeth a couple of times a day and your dentist always reminds you to floss your teeth every day. You go to the dentist when they send a reminder for your twice-a-year checkup and cleaning.

For a healthy mouth, dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush or toothbrush head every three months. Otherwise, it's a breeding ground for germs and becomes less effective.

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Dentists suggest that you use a toothbrush with softer bristles. They suggest that you use toothbrushes that fit your mouth and are easy to use.

Don't roughly brush your teeth and take the time to ensure that every tooth is brushed. You want to clean your entire mouth, including between your teeth, your gums and tongue.

You might even go a few steps further to ensure that your family is healthy. You rinse your mouth with mouthwash and you might use fluoride rinses and other products for a full-mouth clean.

Those are all smart steps to keep your mouth healthy and to prevent disease and ailments in other parts of your body. But is it enough?

How often do you change your toothbrush?

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One critical step to a healthy mouth is changing your toothbrushes like those from our sponsor quip on time. But how often do you need to do that, and how easy is it to forget the last time you replaced your toothbrushes?

Whether you have a traditional toothbrush, or an electric one, dentists recommend that you replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head every three months.  But, let's face it, most of us do not do that.  Even though, according to Everyday Healthy,  "Your toothbrush is a breeding ground for germs,".  Well, that's gross.

But fear not, just know when it's time to give yours the old heave-ho.

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Refreshed on time

The world has changed. The days of schlepping to the store are over.

These days everything is delivered to your door. You can order almost everything online and have it delivered to your house, whether you're buying groceries, clothes, electronics or tonight's dinner!

So, why not toothbrushes? Our sponsor quip does just that.

Your electronic toothbrush will be delivered right to your front door. But quip goes one critical step further, to ensure your family's healthy teeth.

quip will automatically send you replacement toothbrush heads every three months, just as dentists recommend. Once you sign up, you don't have to wonder, "When did we replace our toothbrushes? Are our toothbrushes still clean and effective?"

quip replaces your toothbrush heads for $5 with FREE shipping every three months, before they become un-hygienic and before they lose their effectiveness. Now, that's a convenient way to ensure your family's good health.

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Brush better

You might have an electric toothbrush. But you haven't experienced quip's electric toothbrush.

It's designed to look great and with dentist-approved bristles. It's easier to use than most electric toothbrushes, and it's more effective.

It uses silent, sensitive sonic vibrations and pulses. It provides a refreshing two-minute clean, without excessive force.

There's a bonus, too. quip gives you a break every 30 seconds while brushing to remind you to brush your entire mouth.

Bonus: Time magazine named quip "the best invention of 2016."

Your teeth are begging for this toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have come a long way in the past few years. In fact, you probably have at least one in your house.

However, ask yourself this: Are you getting a full-mouth clean? There's a very good chance that your electric toothbrush isn't doing its job if you're not using a quip electric toothbrush.

Click here to find out why you need a better toothbrush.

Note: Get your first REFILL pack from our sponsor quip for free!

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