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Kim's Business Development Director found the perfect way to offset the cost of owning an RV and you can too

Kim's Business Development Director found the perfect way to offset the cost of owning an RV and you can too

We first heard about our new sponsor "Outdoorsy" when Kip Kuroski, Komando’s very own Director of Business Development, told us that he was earning thousands of dollars by renting out his RV to another family. He talked about how easy it was to earn money instead of having it just sit in the driveway when it wasn't being used.

Kuroski bought the RV to spend more time with his family; his grandkids love taking road trips and they're making great family memories. But even with his adult children borrowing it for their own family vacations, it was only being used four weeks out of the year. Then he heard about Outdoorsy and realized it was a way to offset the cost of owning the RV. 

So far this year, Kuroski has done two rentals and has five more scheduled. He says just one or two more will cover all the costs of owning the RV for the entire year.  

Finding Outdoorsy

Kuroski listed “Big Betty,” his Class C RV on Outdoorsy and by the next day he was talking to interested renters. He had so many inquiries that he was able to pick and choose the renters that he wanted to work with.

“I loved how Outdoorsy works because it doesn't have a confusing website,” Kuroski said. “With competitor sites, you have to click on about eight buttons before you have the opportunity to submit an email message to them, then wait for them to decide to email you back, and that's frustrating”.

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Being new to the rental business, Kuroski had a lot of questions and says it is so easy to talk to an Outdoorsy support agent, and he especially likes how Outdoorsy’s insurance covers the RV during the time of the rental.

Why you will love and trust Outdoorsy

Kuroski says he has no concerns at all, not just because of Outdoorsy’s insurance, but also because his renters have never truly felt like strangers. They came over and met with us,” Kuroski said. One even brought a little Yorkie poo that was more like a kid than a pet.”

Kuroski gets enough inquiries for his RV that he can be selective about who he rents to. He chooses to rent his RV longer than a week. His recommendation to RV owners is to sign up with Outdoorsy and start talking to travelers about their trip. “I love talking to people about their trips before I rent to them,” Kuroski said. “Everyone is so excited to get outdoors with their families, and I get to help them have a wonderful time.”

He loves the friendly feeling between Outdoorsy renters and owners and says he found it easy to hand over the keys. “I want my RV to be taken care of the same way that I would.” With Outdoorsy, each driver undergoes a background check into their driving history. Kuroski also likes Outdoorsy’s roadside assistance and security deposit services to ensure that the trip goes smoothly for him and his renters.

Now Kuroski is using his RV more than ever. With Outdoorsy, he can schedule time on his calendar for his family to use the RV.

Better yet, the RV will likely pay for itself! He will earn about $8K and says his goal is to generate about $10K in rental income each year, which will cover the cost of loans, maintenance and storage for the year.

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For some, the RV is a full-time home. We talked to one couple who sold everything including the kitchen sink, to travel the highways and byways of the United States. You'll learn from their mistakes and find out if you have the right stuff to make it without a home base. Listen to my free 2-part podcast to hear their story.

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