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When was the last time you bought a new set of sheets?

When was the last time you bought a new set of sheets?

Let’s take a moment to reflect on one of our most important daily rituals: going to bed to get a good night’s sleep.

You brush your teeth, put on some comfortable pajamas, and look forward to unwinding your mind after a busy day. You pull back the top blanket and fluff your pillow. Now, what do you see? Your sheets await you, but what do they really mean to you? Your sheets shouldn’t be forgettable. They should be something you look forward to.

Ask yourself: When was the last time I bought a new set of sheets? How did it make me feel? Did I love them then? Do I love them now? With Boll & Branch sheets, there’s no question. You will love them.

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Sheets matter

This may seem like we’re putting a lot of weight on what you use to dress your bed, but your sheets are more than just a couple layers of cloth. You come into contact with them every night of your life. You lay your cheek on your pillow. Your sheets are your invitation to an enjoyable, recharging slumber. You deserve better than just some anonymous sheet set.

Boll & Branch believes you should love your bed sheets. The family-owned company’s passion for organic cotton and fair trade practices means their sheets are chemical-free, soft, breathable, and luxurious.

Learn why organic bedding is best for you.

It’s time for a change

There are some sure-fire signs that your old sheets are ready for retirement, so let’s take a closer look at them. You might find holes, thin spots, faded colors, stretched-out elastic on your fitted sheets, or little pills all over the flannel. Perhaps you’ve changed your decor and now the colors just don’t work anymore.

But it’s not always about just the physical signs or whether or not colors clash. It’s also about how your sheets make you feel. If you don’t look forward to slipping into your sheets at night, then you’re putting up a barrier between yourself and pleasant dreams. The right sheets can help transform your bed into a sleep sanctuary.

Quality sheets made from organic cotton like Boll & Branch’s just get even softer over time. They hold up to repeated washings and don’t lose their coziness and comfort.

A better buying experience

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Think back to your last bed sheets purchase. Perhaps you wandered through the dull aisles of a department store, surrounded by walls of sheets sealed in plastic. You mulled over thread counts and mysterious references to Egyptian cotton. Maybe you tried to find out where the sheets were made, or maybe you just grabbed whatever looked decent and headed for the checkout lane.

It’s time to make your sheet-buying experience a lot more enjoyable. Boll & Branch sells its sheets directly online where you can find the perfect set to match your style, whether it’s a classic solid color, a fun stripe pattern, or an elegant banded look.

There’s no mystery about the origins of Boll & Branch sheets. The organic cotton is grown free of chemicals on farms where workers are paid a fair wage. They’re sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. You can feel good about sleeping on Boll & Branch sheets, not only because they’re beautiful and soft, but because they are made with care and heart.

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Boll & Branch sheets are a smashing success story

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