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Why everyone is buying this toothbrush

Presented by quip - the new electric toothbrush!
Free refill pack with paid subscription!
Why everyone is buying this toothbrush

You know that electric toothbrushes are all the rage. Your kids and grandchildren have asked you to buy them one. You may have received one yourself for Christmas or your birthday. That's good because now you can see and feel the results yourself. Click or tap here to "brush better" for $25 with our sponsor quip's electric toothbrush! Get a $10 credit automatically applied at checkout.

Your teeth look and feel healthier with an electric toothbrush. Your gums feel alive and vibrant after two minutes of a fast-rotating brush that massages and cleans your teeth, gums and freshens your breath.

Guess what? That healthier-mouth feeling isn't your imagination.

In fact, according to "Self Magazine," "When compared with manual toothbrushes, there was an 11 percent reduction in plaque at one to three months of use, and a 21 percent reduction in plaque when assessed after three months of use.

"For gingivitis, there was a 6 percent reduction at one to three months of use. (There was) an 11 percent reduction when assessed after three months of use."

Incredible design

You may have an electric toothbrush, but you haven't experienced quip's electric toothbrush. It's beautifully designed by dentists and designers, so it's also easier to use than most electric toothbrushes, and it's more effective.

Better yet, it's conveniently delivered to your door with a replacement head arriving every three months. That's how often dentists recommend you replace your toothbrush.

The starter kit is about $25. Each brush head replacement is just $5.

All of that sets quip apart from your everyday electric toothbrush. But it is quip's design that you'll notice first and that will have your family and guests saying, "Wow! That looks a lot nicer than my toothbrush."

It's wireless and comes equipped with a suction cup, so you can place it on your bathroom mirror. There's a travel cover, too.

You'll notice the difference the very first time you use quip. It's not excessively powerful but, instead, uses a more effective amount of vibrations and pulsations than other brands.

It gives you a thorough two-minute cleaning. Yet, there is a quick break every 30 seconds to remind you to get all your teeth clean.

Delivered to your front door

The world has changed so much! These days, just about everything is delivered to your front door.

You order birthday presents for your family that are delivered to you. You might order groceries online or books, clothes, linens, laptops and smartphones.

All of those are delivered to your front door. You might order fast-food, meals to cook at home, razors and other everyday items that are delivered directly to you.

Now, you can have quip's electric toothbrushes, replacement heads, toothpaste and more delivered to you. Better yet, shipping is always FREE!

Brush better for $25

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You'll receive replacement toothbrush heads for quip's electronic toothbrush for $5 every three months. That's about the time most toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads start becoming less effective.

quip is redefining the way you brush your teeth in every way. Now, you can sign up to receive toothbrush heads and toothpaste on your family's ideal schedule.

There are numerous plans to receive replacements, including convenient pre-paid options. How convenient is it to pay once for a full-year supply of all the quip equipment, brush heads and toothpaste that will help your family have healthier teeth and gums, and fresh breath?

With quip, you don't have to worry about getting new brush heads or toothpaste -- they're delivered right to your door, on schedule, so you replace your brush on time and have better oral hygiene at an affordable price, with the sleekest design you've ever seen for an electric toothbrush!

Click here to order a $25 Starter Set and get your first REFILL pack for free!


All in one solution for your teeth

Brushing your teeth is often lumped into the category of personal chores: things you are compelled to do but don’t particularly enjoy. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can take care of important oral hygiene and (dare we say) have a little fun doing it. Our sponsor quip will help you get there. Tap or click here to learn more.

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