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Why these sheets are one of the biggest viral-marketing successes

Boll & Branch
Presented by Boll & Branch - The best selling, supersoft sheets that started it all.
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Why these sheets are one of the biggest viral-marketing successes

Bed sheets can seem like a mystery. You see them stacked up in plastic packaging at a store with little clue as to their origin or history. Who created them? Where did the cotton come from? Are the people who made these sheets happy?

With our sponsor, Boll & Branch sheets, there is no mystery. The company launched in 2014 but has already taken a leading role in the linens market thanks to a combination of quality, transparency, and the sort of viral marketing success most businesses can only dream of.

Boll & Branch is a story of comfort, of thoughtful organic sourcing, of care for its people and customers. It does all this while delivering an unparalleled level of luxury in bedding and towels. They’re soft. They breathe. And you can feel good about supporting a family-owned business that watches out for its farmers and employees.

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Why Boll & Branch rings a bell

If you’re already a Boll & Branch customer, then you’ve been nodding your head as you’ve been reading this. You know what we’re talking about. But even if you’ve never bought sheets or towels from Boll & Branch, the name probably sounds familiar. That’s because of the viral groundswell the company has earned through smart marketing combined with first-class products.

Boll & Branch’s success isn’t built on stunts or antics. This is a different kind of viral marketing. You may have heard on the radio about how several U.S. presidents sleep on Boll & Branch sheets or seen the Fair Trade origins of Boll & Branch’s cotton on television.

Customers flock to Boll & Branch for the selection and quality, but what really draws people in is the story behind the linens. Founders Scott and Missy Tannen knew there had to be a better way to source and sell sheets. “We decided to reshape the textiles industry from the ground up,” says Scott. And they did.

The Tannens know exactly where the cotton is grown. The bedding, towels, and blankets are organic, chemical-free, and Fair Trade-certified. They work with sustainable farms that take care of the employees with fair wages and good working conditions.

Boll & Branch cuts out the middleman and sells directly online, ensuring the best price-to-quality ratio you can find. That honesty and openness are what’s at the heart of Boll & Branch’s viral success.

The origin of a Boll & Branch sheets

It all starts with seed and soil, but Boll & Branch cotton is grown in a better way. There are no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The farmers in India use marigolds as natural pest control and irrigate the fields with rainwater. There are no harsh dyes, just beautiful colors created without undesirable chemicals. The environment around the farms stays cleaner and you can rest easier knowing the origin of the cotton in your sheets.

This is why organic bedding is best.

In just four years of existence, Boll & Branch has grown over 15 million pounds of organic cotton and expanded from sheets to include duvet covers, towels, quilt sets, and blankets that will transform your bed and bath.

The proof is in the reviews

When you put your heart into a product, customers notice the results. “These sheets are like sleeping on a cloud every night! We love them and think they are worth every penny,” says buyer Sarah H.

Happy customer Steve T. says, “The BEST! I never knew what a difference sheets would make in my sleep. We are buying another set because I never want to be without these sheets!!!”

You can look forward to an exceptional night’s sleep when you make your bed with Boll & Branch sheets. Stylish. Classic. Comfortable. Epically soft. Your dreams await you.  Click here now and enter promo code: TALK to get $50 off your first order and free shipping.

Learn the secrets behind the best sheets you will ever buy

Click here to find out how Scott and Missy Tannen turned the linens industry on its head.

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