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How to run a free background check on yourself

How to run a free background check on yourself
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It seems everyone wants to know what you've been up to. These days, your history is everyone's business, like it or not.

Future employers want to know your criminal record. They look at your credit score to see if you're good with money - after all, they're trusting you with theirs.

Your background will be reviewed by landlords, banks and credit card companies. But that's just for starters.

If you're dating someone new, there's a good chance he or she is going to dig into your background. Are you a good catch?

Of course, you are! But would you let your daughter date the guy with a mugshot, a criminal record and lousy FICO score?

It's a double-edged sword that it's easy to check someone's background. The good part is, you can check on people who want to rent an apartment from you, work for you or date your sister!

But what do other people see about you online? You can find out by visiting these sites.


Have you ever typed your name into Google? You have if you're like the vast majority of people.

Type your name in quotation marks like, "First Last." Try adding in your middle name, middle initial and other last names that you've used.

You'll find articles that have been written about you or a company or sports team. A link to your LinkedIn profile might show up.

If you're active in your church, your grandchildren's schools or any other activity where a lot of people post information online, that will most likely show up. If you have ever been arrested, that information may surface.

You'll also find links to websites, some free and some that charge, that share even more information about you. You can find your mailing address, phone number and cities where you have lived.

Note: It's creepy that anyone can see your private information. Click here to find out how to delete your personal information from the web.

Google Image Search

You should also search Google images. You might be surprised that there are dozens or hundreds of photos of you online.

Go to Google.com >> click on the word Images on the upper-right side of your screen >> type your name into the search bar.

Free Credit Report

You can find a treasure trove of information about you on FREE credit score sites. Don't worry, it's not the huge hassle that it used to be.

You can get your free reports from the major credit score companies like Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You're entitled to these reports once a year at no charge.

Here's an easier option. If you want to see your FICO score and review the details of your credit history, try a site like Discover.com.

It's the Discover credit card's website, but anyone can use it. Go to the site and click on the link that says Get a FICO Credit Score with no dings to your credit, even if you're not a cardmember.


Have you ever wondered how other people see you on Facebook? It's a good question because you probably don't share your posts with everyone.

You may have posted links a long time ago that you have forgotten about, but that other people see. The same goes for photos.

It's fun to check how others see you, but it's important, too. These days, employers and landlords, for instance, will check your social media accounts.

Here's how to see how other people see you on Facebook. Go to your Facebook profile (your photo and name at the top center of the screen) >> click on the three dots next to View Activity Log >> choose View As... from the drop-down menu. You can also choose View as a Specific Person.

Your Family Tree

You've probably heard about all the websites that help you compile your family tree. It's fun and informative.

You'll uncover secrets and answer long-pondered questions about your family, all the way back a few generations. You see details that you've known about and others that give you new insight into your family.

Of course, many sites charge money. But there are FREE options like FamilyTreeNow.

You'll need to do a bit of work to put your family tree together. Your family tree will start coming together in no time.

Find your family roots for free

Your family history used to be a mystery. It still is, if you haven't made the effort to visually connect one family member to another.

Click here to see how easy it is to build your family tree.

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