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4 great gifts all new moms will love

4 great gifts all new moms will love
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Every year a new gadget pops onto the scene promising to help new moms. Whether it's a gadget to help your newborn sleep better, eat better, drool better, most new parents will try just about anything.

Some of these gadgets are great, others end up unopened in the basement or attic.

But as a new parent, we want the very best for our babies. Suddenly, you're reading labels on everything, wondering what the ingredients are in baby food, baby soap, even checking to make sure your crib sheets, bath towels and swaddle blankets are free from chemicals.

Whenever I'm invited to a baby shower, I try to think about the things I needed and used most as a new mom.

Know what you're getting

Crib sheets and swaddle blankets top the list for most new moms. Between spit ups and accidents, it seems we're always changing the bedding or the baby!

Our sponsor, Boll and Branch, offers crib sheets that are 100 percent organic, which means there are no harsh chemicals and are safe enough for a baby’s sensitive skin. They're super soft and come in great neutral colors and patterns, so they match any nursery theme.

The Boll & Branch baby blanket is a dream! You might want an adult sized one for yourself. It too is made out of 100 percent organic cotton and is designed to be an heirloom piece that can be passed down for generations.

Click here for Boll & Branch organic baby essentials.

Don't forget the parents

Mom and Dad deserve a gift for themselves too. Since getting sleep is an added luxury for new parents, well, add a little luxury! Boll and Branch has some of the softest, most comfortable sheets on the market. The story behind their company is amazing and really gives you insight into what you're wrapping yourself in every night. So why not add a gift for the new mom and dad too?!

Soothing sounds

The cute and soft Teddy bear speaker from the Komando shop is also a great gift and will look cute in any nursery.

New parents probably don't realize how much they'll use this gift! Whether you want white noise in the nursery, or soothing nature sounds, maybe classical music? This bear has speakers in his feet and you can plug in any listening device, so you can make a playlist on your phone or tablet and hook it up to the bear.

3 reasons why organic bedding is best

You don't want to expose your family to the harsh chemicals and dyes that are used in most bedding. Unfortunately, you may not think about the pesticides and cleansers used on a lot of cotton sheets. Click here to learn why organic bedding is best.

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