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3 reasons why organic bedding is best

3 reasons why organic bedding is best

There's something you must know about the bedding you're using in your home. The sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases that keep your kids, grandchildren and you warm may be hiding a secret.

You don't want to expose your family to the harsh chemicals and dyes that are used in most bedding. Unfortunately, you may not think about the pesticides and cleansers used on a lot of cotton sheets.

You don't have to worry about that with our sponsor Boll & Branch. Their bedding is hypoallergenic because it's made from organic cotton.

Did you know that one-fourth of the insecticides that farmers use worldwide is used on cotton? Just think how those irritants are affecting your family and you -- it can cause itchy skin, respiratory problems or make your eyes red and watery.

Do your children have trouble breathing at night? It could be the chemicals that non-organic cotton farmers use on your bedding.

There is a better, healthier way to surround your family with warmth and comfort. Try organic cotton bedding from Boll & Branch.

There are numerous benefits to using cotton that is farmed organically, including being a higher-quality product. Farmers carefully tend to this cotton by hand and wash the cotton with hot water and plant-based soap - that's it.

Here are three more reasons why you'll luxuriate in Boll & Branch's organic sheets. Shop Boll & Branch now to get FREE shipping plus a 45-day sleep trial.

Softer and More Comfortable Bed

There is simply nothing more comfortable than a well-made bed covered in cotton sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. Cotton is a natural material.

It's soft, cozy and breathable. It keeps your family warm and comfortable.

That's the complete opposite of man-made materials. That type of bedding can feel stiff, cold and it doesn't breathe - instead of feeling warm and cozy, you feel hot and sweaty.

Cotton is the better option for most families. However, organic cotton is even more comfortable and cozier than cotton farmed with pesticides and cleaned with harsh cleansers.

Healthier Bed

Do you know that you'll spend the equivalent of 26 years in your bed? It's important to ensure that you do everything possible to keep your family and you comfortable.

Our sponsor Boll & Branch's organic cotton bedding is a healthier option for your family. The cotton is hand-picked with care and processed without chemicals.

That's important because it's ensuring that you don't experience the ill effects of non-organic materials. With those man-made materials and non-organic cotton, you might notice that your eyes are red and irritated.

Your family may have respiratory issues. Those problems could be caused by the chemicals that non-organic cotton farmers use.

You can rest assured that your family is healthy in Boll & Branch bedding. It's all about health and comfort.

Healthier Planet

You're promoting healthy farming when you purchase products made from organic cotton. These farmers use natural processes when they grow their cotton.

They pick it by hand and wash the cotton with vegetable-based soap. That's beneficial to Earth.

Cotton is naturally biodegradable. So, it's not sitting for generations in landfills like man-made materials.

Organic farming doesn't use pesticides and harsh cleansers that can seep into our water supply. Once in the water, pesticides can end up on your family's food.

Organic farmers take special care to keep the cotton used in your bedding naturally soft, cozy and with limited impact on Earth. It feels good to support these hardworking men and women and it feels good to take extra-good care of your family.

Bonus: No Genetically Engineered Substances

When it comes to organic products, you have to be careful. Some products and brands use genetically engineered substances.

Boll & Branch organic bedding does not. Its organic bedding takes this one extra step to protect your family and to help you keep them comfortable, warm and healthy.

Shop Boll & Branch now to get FREE shipping plus a 45-day sleep trial.

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