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What the pros use to get great camera shots

What the pros use to get great camera shots
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Shaky hands can ruin a picture even for the most seasoned photographer. As cameras get smaller and we mostly use our phones for shots, it's even harder to keep a steady hand.

Usually, we're on the go when we whip out our smartphones to grab a picture of something that caught our eye, which often leads to a rushed shot and a blurry picture!

There are some tips to avoid the picture blur.

What can I do?

  • Take your time before tapping the camera button.
  • Lean your phone or camera on a stable surface when you can.
  • Prop your elbows on a table or rest them against any solid object.
  • Use apps, iTunes has a bunch of apps that add camera stabilization and anti-shake technology.

Gadgets can help!

If you're using your phone for more professional shots, they do sell tripods and clamp based mounts specifically for phones which will help to keep your shots shake free. Some even come with wireless remote controls, so you can get yourself in the picture. Don't think – oh I don't want to carry a big bulky tripod around because the ones specifically designed for smartphones are really compact and lightweight.

Some even have flexible legs so you can attach it to different things. I like the tripod by Fotopro. It comes with a Bluetooth remote a phone mount adapter and a go-pro adapter! And like I said, you can wind the tripod legs around anything to keep it stable.

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If you want a little height in your tripod, the Ravelli is pretty versatile and a more traditional looking tripod. It raises to about 5 feet but folds into a nice small bag. It works for a real camera and comes with a smartphone mount.

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If you already have a tripod you can buy a cellphone tripod adapter. DaVoice has a model that includes a Bluetooth remote and travel bag.

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To make your smartphone photos pop even more, try an added lens kit. My Komando Shop carries a great kit that includes macro, wide angle and fish eye views.

Whether you want to add a little more zoom on your camera phone or get great group shots, this set is a 3-in-1!  It also includes a small carrying case so you can easily take it with you on the go.

The padded clip is especially made not to scratch your phone, just attach the lens you want to use to the clip and clip it on your phone over the camera. It can be used on the front or rear facing cameras.


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