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Best TV wall mounts

Best TV wall mounts
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You’re welcoming a beautiful new television set into your home. It’s going into your living room. You unbox it. It’s big. That old TV stand you’ve been using for years just doesn’t look right with your new set, so you start to mentally re-arrange the room. Ah-ha! What you need is a wall mount.

A wall mount securely holds your TV in a convenient location that helps to streamline the look of your room and lets you bypass bulky media furniture.

The decision to use a wall mount is easy, but then the challenge begins: Which wall mount is right for you? Here is what you need to know about choosing a wall mount along with some top-rated options:

Making weight

Different wall mounts are rated for different TV sizes and weights, so make sure you match up your mount to the demands of your television. This is also important if you’re replacing an existing set with a larger one and you already have a wall mount installed. Check that your old mount is up to handling the rigors of your new TV.

Here’s how to choose the right TV size for your room.

Fixed or free

Some low-profile wall mounts are meant to stay in a fixed position, hugging your television close to the wall. Others feature movable arms that let you adjust the position of the television, such as extending it away from the wall and then moving it back as needed. If you need that flexibility, then look for a full-motion mount that can pivot and tilt. As a bonus, this can make it a little easier to access ports on the back of the television.

Know your walls

If your walls are made from standard drywall, then your TV mounting kit probably comes with the proper anchors and bolts to attach it securely. You will also likely need to know where the studs are in your wall. If you’re dealing with something unusual, like bricks, adobe, or block, then you will probably need to take a trip to the hardware store for the proper attachment accessories. If you’re not handy with power tools, or not sure how to locate the wall studs, then you should consider bringing in some professional installation help.

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Top-rated wall mounts:

Amazon reviewers have spoken when it comes to choosing their favorite wall mounts. Here are three top options that will hold your set snugly and conveniently:

VideoSecu ML531BE

Affordable. Well-reviewed. Bestseller. The VideoSecu ML531BE cleans up on all three accounts. This wall mount can handle TVs with 32 to 55-inch screens that weigh up to 88 pounds. The mount also clocks in at under $25. The full-motion swivel mount can be retracted down to just 2.2 inches, or extend up to 20 inches from the wall, giving you plenty of flexibility after it's all set up. Reviewers are particularly happy about the inclusion of an HDMI cable, a range of screws, washers, and bolts, and a handy bubble level for installation.

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ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount

The ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount offers a solution for people in search of a fixed mount for a big-screen television. The mount can handle a set with a screen size of up to 70 inches and a weight of up to 115 pounds. It includes a tilt bracket if you want your screen to tilt out a little from the wall. Otherwise, it offers a very tailored look by extending out a mere 1.3 inches in its fixed, flat position. The ECHOGEAR is sitting pretty with a 4.5-star rating with great customer reviews.

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AmazonBasics wall mounts

Amazon offers up its very own brand of articulating wall mounts that are available in three different varieties for 12 to 39-inch TVs, 22 to 55-inch TVs, and 32 to 80-inch TVs. The designs are different based on the capacity it can handle, but each one tilts so you can adjust the viewing angle. The prices are all very competitive with similar mounts and they sport an overall 4.5-star review rating.

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Whichever wall mount you choose, take care to install it properly so your new TV not only looks great but is also stable for the long haul.

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