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Sponsored: One subscription you need to have during the holidays

Sponsored: One subscription you need to have during the holidays
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Keeping up with the everyday hustle and bustle can be a struggle. With long hours at work and traffic gridlock, most of your day is gone before you know it. This doesn't leave much time to plan a great dinner.

Instead of cooking, you might decide to take your family out to your favorite restaurant. But fighting huge crowds at restaurants can be frustrating enough to ruin your evening, not to mention how expensive it can be.

Now that the holidays are upon us, we're really going to be pressed for time. Shopping for gifts, prepping the house for guests, and putting together a fabulous holiday get-together can consume every minute of your free time. With everything that needs to be done, how can you possibly have time to plan family dinners?

Our sponsor, HelloFresh, wants you to know there's a better option.

Why not have the ingredients for your meals delivered straight to your doorstep? With HelloFresh, you can choose from several gourmet meals such as Zesty Breaded Chicken Breasts, Fun-Day Fajita Bar, Tex-Mex Tilapia and more.

Why HelloFresh?

Meal kit delivery services are a dime a dozen these days. There are so many options to choose from, but HelloFresh is the clear winner when it comes to overall value.

First, you always know that the recipes won't go to waste because even your kids will love them. Second, meals from HelloFresh only include the freshest ingredients with no hidden fillers or preservatives.

Meals are delivered right to your doorstep each week in a refrigerated box. Once the box is opened, the ingredients will stay fresh for up to a week. And, you're only sent what you need, which means you won't have to worry about food waste or leftovers.

Delicious holiday meals made fun

Technology is great, but let's face it, it can take away from family time. It's nearly impossible to get teenagers to stop staring at their gadget for more than two minutes.

When you use HelloFresh, you have something to do with your family that doesn't involve screens. It's a great way to spend quality time with loved ones who are visiting that you might not see often.

Make mealtime special so you can share the experience with everyone. Give each person a task and you can all work together to create a fun environment.

Cousin Sarah, can you cut up the vegetables? Uncle Bobby, can you put the salad together? You'll be sharing memories and having a blast before you know it.

HelloFresh even has holiday recipes to choose from. They are specially designed to serve more people than its regular recipes. For example, Kim is making the Apple Cranberry Stuffing that can serve six to eight people as a side dish. Yum!

You'll still be able to prepare the recipes you love, with fresh ingredients, and gourmet quality, and in very little time. So you can spend less time worrying and more time with your family.

Sign up for HelloFresh

More than a million families already rely on HelloFresh for a convenient way to feed their family healthy food each week. If you haven't signed up yet, now is your chance. As a listener of the Kim Komando Show, HelloFresh is even offering a special discount.

Meals from HelloFresh are already affordable, priced at under $10 per plate. But when you use promo code KIM, you can save $30 off your first order. So don't wait, sign up for HelloFresh now to help you through the holidays and save $30 on your first box because you read it here.

Click here to sign up and start enjoying these fresh, tasty meals from HelloFresh today!

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