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Sponsored: Save your old photos the easy and fast way

Sponsored: Save your old photos the easy and fast way

We all have boxes and albums of old photos and documents lying around. Some of these precious memories have been with us for decades. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to look through these old albums, and even more difficult to share them with friends and family.

Thankfully, there are scanners like the Epson FastFoto FF-640 designed with this issue in mind. They are perfect for that old box of documents, or those old photo albums that you would love to share and preserve.

Scan and preserve hundreds of old photos and records easier than ever.

Simple to use, everything you need

One great aspect of the Epson FastFoto is the ease of assembly. It comes in just two parts that easily click together. Then just plug in the power, and plug into your computer via USB. There is no need to hassle with setting up a wi-fi or cloud sharing network.

Once the Epson FastFoto is plugged in, users will be given several prompts to follow and complete the setup. This software is extremely useful and has several options that you should feel free to experiment with. Among the handiest of these are color balance and color fading options. It also gives you another opportunity to eliminate red-eye, which is fairly common, especially in older photos.

This convenient scanner can then save an edited and a raw version of each photo, so you can share whichever you like. Great for showing off the improvements you have made to old photos that everyone enjoys.

For example, that faded old photo of grandma wearing the Mickey Mouse ears. By using Epson Smart Photo Fix to remove the red-eye and highlight the blue in her dress she used to always wear, the photo is like new again!

Favorite Functions

The first of my favorite functions definitely goes toward speed and convenience. As long as the photos are the same size, users do not have to change a thing when scanning multiple pictures. This is great for scanning an entire album that you wish to preserve or share with your friends and family.

Don't be alarmed, it is completely normal to scan through 150 photos in just under five minutes. Make sure you get the settings correct before you run through them though, wouldn't want to waste ANOTHER five whole minutes fixing your mistakes. To be more specific, you can scan 300 dpi at one second per photo or 600 dpi at four seconds per photo.

The next feature is the ability to scan both the front and back of a photo. This is crucial for truly preserving the essence of those old album photos. The Epson FastFoto can read whether or not a photo has writing on the back, and it can be set to automatically scan both sides of a photo whenever this is the case.

How many old photos have scribbled writing on the back that reads something like, "Steven's first day of elementary school 1990"? To truly preserve that photo is to capture even the notes that your mother wrote into the back with her red pen. Sometimes those simple messages are the most heartfelt parts of an old photo.

Finally, the Epson FastFoto is a great way to scan and save old documents like diplomas, children's drawings, and birth certificates. Because of the incredible color matching technology in this photo scanner, the scanned documents will easily match the colors of those old first-grade crayon drawings you have stored away. Why not scan one of them and upload it to your social media account? The family will surely have a good laugh.

Daniels 2nd grade drawing of a sailing ship. Now he is a proud Navy Seal!

Imagine the reaction of family and friends when you share pictures of their oldest and fondest memories. They will be shocked when you show them how you did it. Preserve and even improve old photos and documents in the blink of an eye. Have fun editing and scanning your favorite old photos with the easy to use Epson FastFoto.

Click here now to learn more about how our sponsor Epson FastFoto FF-640 can preserve your photos and documents.

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