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Unbelievable! Wheelchair scam taking over airports

Unbelievable! Wheelchair scam taking over airports
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Do you love to travel? If so, you have plenty of good reasons to head to the airport to take a flight, so you can relax poolside at a luxurious retreat.

After all, you need downtime as much as anyone else. Everyday problems with your children and grandchildren add up.

Stresses from paying bills, going to work, dealing with a computer that suddenly goes dark also add up. Stress is stress and we all need to get away from it, at least for a little while.

That is one reason why this scam we're about to describe is so outrageous! Scammers are inconveniencing people just like you who are trying to escape from everyday stress and, yet, they're whacked with a huge, unnecessary stress at the airport.

Worse, these scammers are targeting the most vulnerable travelers. If you have ever sprained your ankle, twisted your back or broken a bone, you may have needed wheelchair assistance at an airport.

Maybe you need a wheelchair every time you travel. Beware - Scammers are making your trip to the airport much worse!

The problem is, if you need a wheelchair because you simply cannot walk to the airport gate, you may not get one. This scam is getting really bad.

Here's What You Must Know

If you need a wheelchair at the airport, you know how helpful that can be. You just go to the airport, ask for assistance or go to a designated space where wheelchairs are stored.

Then, the best part. Rather than struggling to walk to your gate, you are wheeled there.

Plus, you're given first position in line at the gate. You've heard the airport staff announce pre-boarding for families with young children and people in wheelchairs.

Of course, the idea is to be compassionate. The airport is helping people who legitimately need the help.

Here's where the scam comes in. And here's why you might be left without a wheelchair next time you arrive at the airport.

People who do not need a wheelchair are taking them. It's not against the law, either.

There's a term for this. Airport employees call these, "Miracle flights."

It's a miracle because people arrive at the airport in need of a wheelchair. They're pushed by an employee to the gate and, of course, they're boarded first along with young children.

Then, it's a miracle! These wheelchair passengers suddenly start walking once on the plane. The scam is, they are on the plane and hardworking people like you have to wait.

That's bad enough, but you know what that means these days. The scammers put their overhead bags on the plane long before you get on.

When you do, there's no room for you. Worse, you might be stuck paying for your luggage.

Outrageous, right? So, what can you do about it?

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