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Sponsored: What you don't know about your pension might surprise you!

Sponsored: What you don't know about your pension might surprise you!
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What does your future look like? How about your family's future?

If you're like most people, there is nothing more important than providing for your family. Of course, you want a home, cars, money in the bank, a pension, a good college education for everyone and extras, like a vacation every summer.

But what do you really want? All these things are ways for you to feel secure about your family's future.

It's nice to have possessions and it's nice to have cash in the bank. It's nice to earn interest, hopefully, with investments. However, if you're like most people, you want to feel even more secure than that.

You want to know that your investments will provide for your family in the long-run, right? If so, very few investments are as secure as precious metals, and almost no one's better equipped to advise you on that than our sponsor PM Capital.

There's a reason people have been investing in gold for millennia. They've not only held their value, but the value of some precious metals has been increasing.

Other investments, like stocks, are great when they're booming, as the stock market has recently been doing. There is risk involved, though, as you saw in the dot.com bubble in 1999 and again a few years ago.

The same is true with pensions. Keep reading for more details about why you'll want to diversify your financial portfolio.

What you don't know about your pension might surprise you!

If you're lucky enough to have a pension, whether it's from the government or your employer, don't panic. You may have heard an alarming statistic. (Keep reading for a solution.)

It's true. In the United States, pensions are underfunded by trillions (with a T) of dollars. Why?

Pensions assume a return of roughly 7.6 percent. But a more realistic return is about 2.5 percent to 3 percent, according to our sponsor, PM Capital.

"As an investor, this is a huge risk that is coming down the pike," said PM Capital CEO Scott Carter in a recent vlog. "Pensions are under-funded by over $8 trillion. In my view, this is a crisis that is going to hit in the next five to 15 years."

But, as I said, don't panic. You've heard financial experts say you need to "diversify" your portfolio.

As long as all your money isn't in your pension, you are at a much lower risk. That brings up a question: How do you invest in gold and other precious metals?

The short answer is, with the advice of an expert. The best part is you can get started for FREE.

PM Capital can advise you on investing in gold and other metals. You can even put your metal into IRAs. Did you know that?

There are other aspects to investing in gold that you may not know. First, gold is easily turned into liquid money. In other words, you can get cash relatively fast. Second, gold has been called the "bedrock of society" because people have always respected it, and likely always will.

How to get started with your Free Investor Kit

The word "gold" can get people excited. Like those Gold Rush prospectors of 1849, they lose their heads. But investing in precious metals is a measured and disciplined process. Know what you're getting into before you put your first dollar on the line.

That's why PM Capital offers a Free Investor Kit for folks interested in this rock-solid investment. The kit guides you through the significance of this opportunity and explains the facts and vocabulary you need to know.

Retirement is something that every hard worker deserves, but saving for your golden years requires smarter maneuvering than ever. With PM Capital, you're walking on safe ground.

Don't put this important investment advice off to the side. Click here now for your Free Investor Kit. You'll be glad you did!

Speaking of investments here's one mistake you're probably making with your investment portfolio

As you learn more about investing, you'll find that there's more to mastering the market than luck. You start to strategize, and as you expand, you start making smarter choices. When Wall Street traders talk about a "diverse portfolio," they mean investing in a variety of different assets.

The hardest asset out there is precious metals. Click here for more information on how to make such an investment.

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