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How Amazon and Kirkland batteries stand up against the competition

How Amazon and Kirkland batteries stand up against the competition
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It seems whenever you need a certain type of battery at home, it's always the one you are out of. When you run to the store you find a lot of choices and different prices.

But before you buy any batteries, you need to know a few things. First, there are two types of batteries: alkaline and lithium. More to the point, not all batteries are a good value. Does paying more mean you'll get a better, longer lasting battery?

No, not according to Consumer Reports. They tested 15 brands of AA batteries, including Amazon-branded batteries and Costco's Kirkland batteries.

The prestigious magazine found that some lower cost batteries are just as good or nearly as good as the most expensive brands. In fact, you'll be shocked by how you don't need to break the bank for high-quality batteries that will keep your Christmas presents humming for weeks or months.

Note: Consumer Reports tested batteries in two ways: They used the batteries until they died in toys for one hour a day and in flashlights for four minutes every eight hours.

Alkaline vs. Lithium

First things first. You've probably noticed that generally speaking, lithium batteries are expensive.

You might be tempted to buy them, thinking that if they cost more they probably last longer. As it turns out, Consumer Reports suggests using lithium batteries sparingly, like in devices that need a quick burst of power or that you don't use very often.

Note: You can store lithium batteries for up to 15 years. They don't need to be stored in the refrigerator and they don't usually spew liquid like older, carbon-zinc batteries did.

Some alkaline batteries performed as well as lithium batteries in Consumer Reports' test. These batteries are typically less expensive. You may want to use them in devices you use a lot, like your TV remote control and your computer's wireless mouse.

Best value

At Komando.com, we love to save money. But even more than that, we love sharing our tips to help you save money.

That's really important any time of year. But it's really important as you're picking up AA batteries that power all the gifts and toys that'll be zipping around your house on Christmas morning.

So, which brands performed best in Consumer Reports' tests? Both alkaline and lithium batteries were among the best values.

This might surprise you. The top performers included two brands that might have the perception of being "cheap."

Costco's Kirkland Signature brand AA alkaline battery had an overall score of 80, out of a possible 100. AmazonBasics Performance AA Alkaline had a 71.

That compares to top-rated brands such as Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA (89), Duracell Quantum AA Alkaline (89) and Rayovac Fusion Advanced AA Alkaline (85).

Lithium batteries

  • Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA - CR only tested two lithium style batteries and this one came out on top. It received an overall score of 89.
  • Energizer Advanced Lithium AA - This one came in second with an overall score of 82.

Alkaline batteries

  • Duracell Quantum AA Alkaline - CR tested a total of 13 alkaline batteries and this one is the best. It received an overall score of 89.
  • Rayovac Fusion Advanced AA Alkaline - Overall score of 85.
  • CVS Max AA Alkaline - Overall score of 82.
  • Duracell Coppertop Duralock AA Alkaline - Overall score of 80.
  • Kirkland Signature (Costco) AA Alkaline - Overall score of 80.
  • Rite Aid Home AA Alkaline - Overall score of 79.
  • AmazonBasics Performance AA Alkaline - Overall score of 71.
  • Walgreens W Alkaline Supercell AA - Overall score of 71.
  • Energizer ecoAdvanced AA Alkaline - Overall score of 68.
  • Energizer MAX +PowerSeal AA Alkaline - Overall score of 67.
  • CVS AA Alkaline - Overall score of 62.
  • Dynex (Best Buy) High Capacity AA Alkaline - Overall score of 60.
  • EcoAlkalines AA Alkaline - Overall score of 59.

How to store and use batteries

When you're not using a device very often, take out the batteries. It's best to store them in a cool, dry place.

You may also want to wipe off the batteries before you put them into a toy or gadget. When you can, use the same type of battery and brand when you're using more than one AA battery.

Be careful, too. Keep batteries away from children, including tossing old ones in the trash.

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