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My prediction for this year’s hottest Christmas gifts

My prediction for this year’s hottest Christmas gifts
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Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I know, I know - Have you started Christmas shopping, yet?

Whether you're a seasoned pro when it comes to shopping online or in stores, or a novice who'd rather do anything else, you're going to buy gifts this time of year. But what should you buy?

I have the answers for you. If you're a regular "Kim Komando Show" listener, you know that I love to shop and, even more than that, love to help you buy smart!

This Christmas is no different. Keep reading for this year's hottest Christmas gifts so you can snag them before they're gone.

I've compiled this list of Hot Christmas Gifts 2017 based on industry trends, my tech-insider insights and my proven hunches. Plus, you can help me out - let me know in the Comments if there's a hot gift that's not on my list.

Earbuds and Headphones

First up is earbuds and headphones. The best thing about this hot tech gift is that almost everyone on your list will love a high-quality set of earbuds or headphones.

Just a few months ago, earbuds were something that teenagers and twentysomethings used. But, now, almost everyone has them in their ears.

If you're working in a noisy office, for instance, you may want to silence the hum so you can concentrate. If you're on a plane and that piercing white noise is giving you a headache, you can drown it out with noise-canceling headphones.

Everyone loves to listen to music. If you like country, classical, hard rock, rap or pop, it's fun to surround yourself with your favorite songs.

There are many high-quality earbuds and headphones on store shelves this Christmas. But one brand that'll definitely get a big "wow" from your family and friends is Apple's BeatsX from Beats by Dre.

These are wireless earbuds that have a battery life of about eight hours when fully charged. Plus, they're fast charging - five minutes of charge gives you about two hours of battery life.

BeatsX from Beats by Dre, $149.95 on Beats by Dre

iPhone X

Speaking of "X," you've no doubt heard about Apple's super-hot iPhone X (that X is the Roman numeral "10"). Apple finally has its mojo back with X, judging by people standing in line for hours to buy it.

X is already sold out in many cities around the country. At $999, iPhone X isn't cheap but to many people, it's worth the price.

This is the iPhone with all of Apple's tech bells and whistles. It has the most advanced iPhone cameras ever.

It has a 5.8-inch Super Retina display. But its coolest new feature is arguably facial-recognition software that can be used to unlock your iPhone's passcode.

Bonus: Click this blue link to listen to my trusted opinion of iPhone X

iPhone X, starting at $999 on Apple.com

Wearable Tablet and Phone Holder

Are you ready for a hot tech gift that's less than $50? We all are!

Your family and friends will love this Christmas gift, especially if they live an active lifestyle. If they love to workout at the gym or walk on the treadmill, this tablet and phone holder is going to make that so much easier.

Don't worry about the couch potatoes in your life. They'll love this, too.

Just think about watching a movie on a smartphone or a tablet. You get exhausted holding it for hours or positioning it and re-positioning it on your couch or coffee table.

You can wear this holder or use it as a tablet or phone stand. It's adjustable to support up to a 10-inch tablet.

It's made from a flexible aluminum that's covered in a black silicone coating. So, it's comfy around your neck.

Sospendo Wearable Tablet and Phone Holder, $49.95 in Komando Shop

Electric Dough Kit

Your young children or grandchildren are going to love this. Psst, we won't tell if you play with this fun dough yourself.

With the electric dough kit, you can create little dough creatures that light up and buzz. It'll also teach your children how electricity works.

Electric Dough Kit, $29.99 in the Komando Shop

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